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31 May

Making a Difference

As our friend, the Fuming Fuji, is always quick to point out, marketing garbage to children is a dirty business – which is why we are happy to introduce you to Amy Jussel. As the founder and executive director of Shaping Youth, Amy is doing her part to clean up the filth. Her organization, via […]

30 May

You Best Be Clickin’!

WORKER BEES’ DAILY BITES Soft Drinks Disrupt Your DNA Yikes! Even diet soda is unhealthy for you. What’s It Like to Go Global? The complex and interesting web of global food production. Is Cancer a Virus? Is cancer a virus, a fungus, an autoimmune disorder, a collection of symptoms? Oncology just got a lot more […]

16 May

Low-Cal, High-Fiber Pasta: It Exists! And It Is Edible!

Very, very edible. The folks at Fiber Gourmet recently plied me with a selection of their one-of-a-kind “light” pastas. Hey, I’m not one to turn away free food, so I gave their spinach, tomato and standard pasta noodles a taste try. The Fiber Gourmet folks say “since fiber has 0 calories, as the fiber goes […]

11 May

My, You’ve Got Beautiful Skin!

Have you noticed the flood of moisturizers for use in the shower? These lotions come in several formulas, from moisturizing washes to rinse-off lotions. The latter confuses me a bit: is it conditioner for skin, or is it creating a protective barrier that clings even when the goop is washed away? And do I want […]

25 Apr

Rotten Apple Award

This month’s Rotten Apple Award goes to The Apple Patch Diet, the next gimmicky weight-loss device in a long line of quack products. All you have to do is slap a patch on your body to start this “diet” and watch the fat melt away. I’m not sure how a patch of any sort counts […]

18 Apr

Aaron’s Additions

Am I getting the most out of Mark’s Daily Apple? This is a question you should be asking yourself if your experience has been limited to reading our daily posts. Mark’s Daily Apple offers so much more! Check out these helpful hints on how to take advantage of all we have to offer. Many premium […]

23 Mar

How Low Can You Go?

Recently, the low-carb folks over at Go Lower asked Mark’s Daily Apple to review their low-carbohydrate snack bars. Though I’m not a proponent of processed foods, no matter how healthy – and I emphasize that – I do think there ought to be wiggle room in everyone’s diet. Personally, I enjoy a light beer now […]

31 Jan

Health for the Masses, by the Masses

“Let’s share our health experiences. Together we can help others. Together we can help ourselves.” This is the motto and philosophy of the new social-networking website OrganizedWisdom. OrganizedWisdom is user-generated advice, experience, insights, and knowledge compiled and sorted to help people track down answers to their health-related questions. Looking for a way to get rid […]

24 Jan

Searching for Health

Google isn’t the only search engine on the world-wide-web. If you are looking for specific health-related information or technical articles on vitamins and supplements it makes sense to use a search engine that is optimized to provide health-specific results. Here are two websites that do just that. provides scientific articles that cover the latest […]

10 Jan

Some Reps on the Ol’ Thinking Machine

As we have noted, there is a new trend in the world of training. No, it doesn’t involve some new fangled fitness contraption or hip new exercise program. In fact it doesn’t involve much physical activity at all. Use your head and you just might figure out what we mean. Yes, that’s right! This craze […]

3 Jan

Scientists Perplexed: Issue ‘Impossible Calorie Award’

We had to bring in an auxiliary team of researchers just to help us out with this one. (They were not from Denmark.) Chili’s restaurant offers so many impossibly caloric meals, two scientists resigned in protest and a third left only a note with the words “I fold” written shakily in the lower left corner. […]

28 Dec

Real Men Eat Lettuce

I don’t know whether to laugh or cringe at the bizarre-but-true existence of the Heart Attack Grill. Call it vulgar, call it wasteful, call it offensive – but someone’s eating there. A lot of someones. And I guarantee you they’re not healthy. The Heart Attack Grill: the restaurant that so prides itself on inducing heart […]

28 Dec

How Do You Measure Up?

Getting annual check-ups and exams is a great way to stay aware of your physical well-being. Some things only doctors can tell you, but there are a number of numerical figures that you can determine on your own to help establish the state of your physical condition. Discovery Health has put together a number of […]

20 Dec

Living Long and Strong

The average life expectancy for American males and females born after the year 2000 hovers between 75 and 80 years old, respectively. Which side of the average you may fall on has a lot to do with things you can control. These include maintaining a well-rounded nutrient-rich diet, getting enough sleep and water, managing your […]

6 Dec

The Personal Trainer that Fits in Your Pocket

Have you ever dreamed of having a personal trainer at your side to offer guidance, advice and words of encouragement when the going gets tough? (Wouldn’t that be nice!) Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone at your beck and call to give you direction, and assist you through your rigorous workouts? Now you can […]

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