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30 Jul

What Does a 410 Pound Weight Loss Really Look Like?

If this doesn’t inspire, I don’t know what will. This young man went from being beached on his sofa at a whale of a weigh-in (630 pounds!) to a healthy, fit 220. I’ll spare you the most shocking pictures of his series of skin removal surgeries (click here to see them all).

23 Jul

Perspective and Priorities

– via Strange New Products When it comes to water, we really need more options. It’s not enough that we have potable, low-cost drinking water at our convenient disposal. We still can’t seem to appreciate it, let alone drink it. That’s why there’s PUR Flavor Options. With the press of a button, delicious, sugar-free raspberry, […]

23 Jul

Size Matters

Manufacturers are making larger car seats to accommodate heavy children. Restaurants have expanded seating sizes (and so have amusement parks). Even medical equipment has required super-sizing. In fact, expanding the sizes of chair, belts, booths, and other common widgets is one of the hottest areas of product development in business right now. At the current […]

20 Jul

America: We’re #1 All Right

Nothing has changed. Yet. What do you think is the single most important change that must occur? Technorati Tags: obesity, statistics, OECD, international comparison

19 Jul

In Which the Food Nerds Hijack the Blog

Would ya look at this place? Sisson leaves town for five seconds and it all goes to food. Aaron’s going to be posting your weekly dose of Smart Fuel later today. No word from His Omnipotence the Fuji yet, but if you’re really good, you might get lucky. For now, I’d like to share a […]

26 Jun

As American As…

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17 May

My Carb Pyramid

It’s not fancy, but it gives you a general idea of my daily diet. This super-veggie routine, supplemented with protein and healty fats, has kept me lean, muscular, strong, and healthy for many years now. (I can whip most guys half my age in a fitness test.) I generally enjoy mostly raw vegetables, hence my […]

9 Apr

The Weekly Health Challenge

Arlete Flickr Photo Here’s your weekly challenge from Mark: Immerse yourself in something you find beautiful (and tell us about it this week in the Forum). It’s gonna be a great week!

15 Feb

The Secret to Great Abs

Admit it: half the reason we all watch Lost is because the main characters are just so great looking. They all have those ripped abs and defined arms that every guy and gal wants. Guess what? It’s not as tough as you’d think to look like Kate or the Doc (oops…lest I start yet another […]

25 Jan

The Sisson Spoof

There’s nothing “golden” about this nutrition information. Are you still lovin’ it?

11 Jan

The Sisson Spoof

Coffins can be cute. They even come with cheese!

9 Jan

Spice Things Up

Heat in the hopper is a cancer stopper. Clickativity!

4 Jan

The Sisson Spoof

It was cool to learn that they love the MDA over at USA Today. There’s probably not so much love for us at McDonald’s right now. Can’t please everyone!

28 Dec

The Sisson Spoof

Disclaimer: For the record, Pizza Hut wants you to know that their pizzas fulfill as many as four food groups in a single meal. Where’s my gold star… Technorati Tags: food groups, pizza nutrition information, spoof, Pizza Hut

21 Dec

The Sisson Spoof

Technorati Tags: Snickers, most popular candy bar, junk food, spoof

14 Dec

The Sisson Spoof

It’s great that KFC has announced it will eliminate trans fats from all menu items. But until this unethical bucket-for-bypass is off the production line, I will continue to have less respect for KFC than I do for child-proof packaging. On the other hand, at least they don’t pretend to care, which is more than […]

7 Dec

The Sisson Spoof

Start ’em young… Technorati Tags: spoof, Lunchables, Oscar Mayer, obesity epidemic, lunch, snack, children’s health, high sodium foods

4 Dec

Scientists Perplexed: Issue ‘Impossible Calorie’ Award

Here at MDA, we define “premium” as something peerless. Without equal. Really, really good for you – the absolute best. We believe in living life that way. Evidently, McDonald’s defines premium as peerless and without equal, too. As in, a really, really good way to get that nifty obesity look everyone’s working these days. Although […]

30 Nov

The Sisson Spoof

Jests With a Twist of Apple Technorati Tags: whole grain cereal, Lucky Charms, General Mills, breakfast

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