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20 Jan

Dear Mark: Salmon and Mercury, Fruit and Sugar, plus Seniors Gaining Muscle

salmonFor today’s edition of Dear Mark, I’ll be covering three topics. First, salmon and mercury. We’re often told to watch out for mercury in wild fish, but the story is actually more complicated than that. Learn how to tell if wild fish is safe to eat and whether wild salmon should be limited. Next, I discuss the differences between fruit sugar and sugar, or, rather, fruit and sugar. Can fruit be a part of a healthy Primal way of eating despite the sugar content? And finally, I give a few tips to an older woman who’s interested in gaining muscle and strength. I go over exercise, protein intake, as well as the ulterior benefits of resistance training.

Let’s go:

19 Jan

Weekend Link Love

weekend link loveIn case you missed the news, The Primal Blueprint Podcast is now live. Listen to the first episode and submit your voicemail questions for future podcasts here.

Research of the Week

Coffee is just as hydrating as water, new research confirms.

Recent analysis of frozen mammoth carcasses from over 40,000 years ago reveals ample amounts of subcutaneous and visceral fat, including plenty of saturated fat and omega-3s. Seems not all wild animals our ancestors hunted and ate were lean, starved things after all.

13 Jan

Dear Mark: Garcinia Cambogia, Ultra Pasteurization, Getting Better All the Time, and How Much Walking is Enough

mangosteenFor today’s edition of Dear Mark, I’ve got a four-parter for you. First, I address the popular new supplement being touted as a powerful fat-burner: garcinia cambogia. Does it measure up to the hype? Next, I discuss the effects of ultra pasteurization on the proteins, vitamins, and health effects of milk. Is ultra pasteurization a dangerous practice, or does it just produce milk that is less than optimal? After that, I explore the question of what to do when you’ve seemingly achieved your initial health goals but still want more. Do you keep tweaking things to make them even better, or do you make the attempt to be content? And finally, I tell a reader how much walking is actually enough.

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12 Jan

Weekend Link Love

weekend link lovePrimalCon Vacation Tulum March 1st-6th is filling up quickly with only 38 rooms left at the resort. We’ll have a big announcement next week about four new presenters added to the lineup! Check in with us immediately if you are thinking of getting down there so we can discuss room options.

Research of the Week

It looks like hunter-gatherers weren’t necessarily free from tooth decay, particularly if they ate a ton of starchy sweets.

Famine is actually more common among agriculturalists than hunter-gatherers.

6 Jan

Dear Mark: New Year’s Resolution Edition

resolutionsFor today’s Dear Mark, we’ve got a series of questions and answers related to the successful realization of your New Year’s resolutions. No matter what you’ve actually resolved to try to do, you’ll probably find something of interest in today’s post. First, I cover the eternal question everyone ponders when attempting a lifestyle overhaul: cold turkey or baby steps? Next, I give tips to someone who’s worried he’ll fail going Primal just like all the other times he’s tried to change his diet. Third, I cover how quickly a person might see results from going Primal, explaining the various determining factors as well as the best way to think about your results. And finally, I reveal my (lack of) New Year’s resolutions for everyone to dissect!

Let’s go:

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