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29 Jul

Dear Mark: How Are You Training These Days?

PALEO  2013  MG 3902smallOne of the most common questions I get from readers is the same one I get from people who have no idea who I am or what I do: “What’s your workout, dude?” Because I write a blog that discusses the latest fitness research, some of you might get the impression that I’m constantly switching up my routine to incorporate the latest and greatest. Many times, you assume that because I wrote approvingly about something, I must be doing that thing. Well, by and large, I am not doing that. Even if some particular lift is proven to build the most strength most efficiently, I mostly stick to my tried and true. I’m no longer an elite athlete. I don’t need the latest and greatest. If it works for me and my goals, I stick with it. Of course, it helps that the way I train was already fairly consistent with the latest research, and is easily fueled by my Primal Blueprint eating strategy.

Here’s one of the latest inquiries into my training:

22 Jul

Dear Mark: Barefoot Criticism and Salmon Roe

barefoot4Today’s edition of Dear Mark is just a two-parter. We’ve got a question about the recent flurry of anti-barefoot/minimalist footwear criticism. In my opinion, it’s pretty weak criticism, and I’ll explain why I don’t think you need to ditch your Vibrams for some orthotics just yet. After that, I answer a question from an extremely lucky woman who’s just come into possession of an entire gallon-sized bag of fresh Alaskan salmon roe. She doesn’t know what to do with them. I wish I had her problems. Don’t you?

Anyway, let’s get right to it:

15 Jul

Dear Mark: Food Combining

steakpotatoesFor today’s edition of Dear Mark, I’ll be covering all the different questions I receive regarding the topic of food combining. Now, food combining can refer to different things. First, there’s the dietary philosophy known as “food combining,” which says things like “never eat carbs and proteins together,” or “always eat fruits alone,” or “never, under any circumstances, consume melons with any other food,” or “eat an acidic fruit with your nuts.” It gets very specific and sounds kinda hokey, but I’ll look into it. Then, you’ve got the more general questions around food combinations, such as “does eating fat with carbs promote fat gain?” Many of you are interested in food combining as a general concept. You want to know how to overeat without gaining fat, how to maximize nutrient absorption, and about the specific foods that can change how other foods affect you. I’ll cover those as well.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

8 Jul

Dear Mark: Reader Issues, Chocolate Toxins, Chipotle’s Revelations, plus Red Meat and Diabetes Redux

questionmarksI’m covering a smattering of issues in today’s edition of Dear Mark. First, I help a reader with some issues. It’s a somewhat typical story with any lifestyle change – the stall. Why might it be occurring? What can she do to figure things out? After that, I answer a quick two-parter about dark chocolate. Then, I discuss the recent revelation of GMO products at Chipotle, along with my reasoning for not worrying too much about it. Finally, I briefly cover the latest red-meat-will-give-you-diabetes study. “Briefly,” because not only does this study retread old epidemiological ground, it’s using the very same inaccurate data sets we’ve seen a dozen times before.

Let’s go.

1 Jul

Dear Mark: Bee Products, Unable to Squat After Knee Injury

beehiveFor this week’s edition of Dear Mark, we’ve got a two-parter (although the first question has several parts to it). First up is a question about bee products and their effects (or non-effects) on human health. Are they miracle supplements? Are they all hype? Or is the truth somewhere in between? Find out below. Then, I try to help out Dan, a guy with a bum knee who, before injuring himself, based his entire workout routine around the back squat – which he can no longer perform safely. He wants to figure out a way to work out his lower body without the almighty squat at his disposal. Luckily, there are ways, which I’ll discuss below.

Let’s go.

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