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31 Jan

Blog Is the New Health

Worker Bees’ Daily Bites: Or should that be…health is the new blog? And have you noticed the constant “this is the new that” slogans everybody likes to come up with? (Just Google: sugar is the new trans fat, brown is the new black, adults are the new kids.) How about a new turn of phrase […]

30 Jan

Ain’t No Thing But a Chicken Wing

Worker Bees’ Daily Bites: All the news, none of the trans fat. 1) Angering dermatologists everywhere! Another holy grail of health is about to crumble. Here’s more evidence that a little sunshine is not only okay – it’s probably good for you (something any cat could tell you…if they could tell you). Want to prevent […]

29 Jan

We Take the Sting Out

Worker Bees’ Daily Bites: All the news you want to click! 1) There’s something worse than a donut, actually. There’s a caffeinated donut. No cops were hurt in the making of this product. The rest of us should just stay away. 2) Cure for diabetes! That’s no joke. There is a very simple, free, enjoyable […]

23 Jan

Out and About

Worker Bees’ Daily Bites: Juicy picks! 1) Then what does a microwave do to food? You can sterilize your sponges by tossing them in the microwave for two minutes. Details here. Oh, make sure the sponge is wet. This handy trick kills all germs, spores, and is also useful for eliciting befuddled looks from your […]

18 Jan

All the News, None of the Calories

Worker Bees’ Daily Bites: This is a low-fat blog post, Apples. Here’s the daily roundup: 1) Hypothetically, Of Course! Answers to the Top 10 Embarrassing Health Questions. Hey, we know, it’s for your friend. 2) Go On, Get Fresh! We’ve talked before about big cities like Chicago and New York hopping in the anti-trans-fat fryer. […]

15 Jan

Get Your Buzz On

Worker Bees’ Daily Bites 1) Why aren’t there teenage carrots? Oh yeah, because they’d be unwashed, spoiled rotten and absolutely refuse to participate in any recipe. 2) Um, gross. Thanks again, FDA. You guys continue to inspire. Who needs strict slaughterhouse standards when you can just spray your meat clean? 3) Skinny Fat It’s what […]

12 Jan

This Is a Big Fat Blog Post

Apples, as you know, this is a pro-fat health site – pro-fat meaning we recommend eating beneficial fats, of course, not getting fat. There are a lot of issues to consider when it comes to fat – heart disease, inflammation, arthritis, obesity and prevention, to name a few – and I’m going to weigh in […]

10 Jan


Apples: Any of you who are interested in insider perspectives on our general health care crisis should check out Health Care Renewal, a fierce anti-corruption blog with several medical smarties who contribute regularly. Also features links to various other medical and scientific blogs worth serious salt that you might not catch on Technorati (and definitely […]

4 Jan

Carb-Free News

Worker Bees’ Daily Bites What’s up, Apples? All kinds of great health news for you today. Here’s the latest you’ll want to click: 1) Fine…But It’s Still a Frankenfat So, we don’t really have a comment on this. What goes on with this line of reasoning? Who thinks this stuff up? “Take bad fake fat. […]

4 Jan

Parkinson’s Politics = Pressure Cooker

Here is a razor-sharp example of excellent, detailed, honest medical research reporting. Unfortunately, with words like ergot and agonist, it’s also as relentlessly boring as a Del Monte fruit cup without the little pink “cherries”. No wonder people are confused about the latest medical findings! Where are the resources to interpret this jargon? Oh yeah, […]

27 Dec

Sticks & Stones May Break Your Bones…

BUT NOT NEARLY AS EFFECTIVELY AS HEARTBURN PILLS A large-scale study out of Britain has reported that taking popular heartburn medications like Tagamet and Pepcid AC can seriously increase your risk of bone fractures, because the drugs block calcium absorption. Check out the article – here’s the clickativity. Of course, the pill pushers contrarians say […]

26 Dec

HRT: the Problem That Just Won’t Go Away

A doctor weighs in on the HRT-cancer connection. The controversy isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. I recommend reading the whole interview if this is an area of interest for you. What caught my attention is the subtle pro-drug stance the interview appears to take, while simultaneously bringing out revealing facts like the following: Q. Was […]

21 Dec

Magic Mushrooms & the Boy Who Felt No Pain

The world of drug development is complicated, fascinating and sometimes, just plain wacky. Here are two new potential drugs-in-the-making which may have some excellent therapeutic benefits (hey, not all drugs are bad): Ok, Which Frog-Licker Figured This Out? Call it accidental scientific discovery, but I suspect at least one of these researchers has a rebellious […]

19 Dec

Tuesday’s Buzz

WORKER BEES’ DAILY BITES Yo! All kinds of news you’ll want to check out today, Apples. Here’s the best of it: Bite My MDA The FDA says it wants stricter warnings on the dangers of over-the-counter pain pills like ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and naproxin sodium. Since thousands of people die every year from painkiller-related problems (even […]

18 Dec

All the News You Want to Click

WORKER BEES’ DAILY BITES Howdy! Here’s the latest & greatest from the world of health news (of course, with our views): Where Studies Get Tricky More breast cancer news. A study of about 2,400 women found that non-hormone-receptor breast cancer survivors who ate 20% fat in their diets had a lesser chance of cancer relapse […]

18 Dec

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

HRT is all over the news again. This, from Newsday: “Statistics from a major study revealing that rates of the most common form of breast cancer dropped dramatically between 2002 and 2003 are being greeted with applause and skepticism as the medical and advocacy communities digest the news.” Yes, it’s a tough one to chew. […]

14 Dec

Thursday’s Thought Fuss

WORKER BEES’ DAILY BITES Drug-Eluting Stents Elude Trouble…for Now An FDA panel is not really concerned that drug-eluting stents might cause serious blood clots. There are two kinds of stents: those that elute and those that do not. The latter are simple metal devices used to prop open arteries that are gunked up. The former […]

11 Dec

We Take the Sting Out

Worker Bees’ Daily Bites 1) Taco Bell’s Fourth Meal Campaign – where they’re advising you to revisit mealtime late at night – is suddenly wrought with a lot of potential for humor in bad taste…and terrible puns. We’re not going to stoop to such low standards, but you can bet someone in the blogosphere will. […]

6 Dec

What’s Up with Denmark?

Sara here. My Danish grandmother will be horrified by this post, but in my selfless devotion to you Apples, I’m taking that risk. And so, I have to ask: What is up with Denmark? (Huh? you ask. Just go with me on this.) I’ve noticed a strange trend over the last decade. This could be […]

4 Dec

Big Pharma? Big Pfarce

Pfizer announced yesterday that they were abandoning their newest “miracle drug”, torcetrapib. Rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? Torcetrapib. Turns out that in a recent large-scale controlled study, “rolls-off-the-tongue” killed more people than even the previous miracle drug, Lipitor. Pfizer had invested over $800 million in their most recent attempt to stem the rise of […]

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