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My Carb Pyramid

It’s not fancy, but it gives you a general idea of my daily diet. This super-veggie routine, supplemented with protein and healty fats, has kept me lean, muscular, strong, and healthy for many years now. (I can whip most guys half my age in a fitness test.)

I generally enjoy mostly raw vegetables, hence my giant daily salad. As I always say, real men eat lettuce. My salad alone usually includes several cups of greens, plus 2 or 3 additional cups of other vegetables like colorful bell peppers, artichokes, asparagus, and tomatoes. Dinner is often a stir fry or steamed vegetables with some fish or chicken. I also enjoy grass-fed beef. I’m not really a pasta or pizza guy. I genuinely love fresh, unprocessed food.

I eat DHA-enhanced organic eggs several days a week, often with spinach or tomatoes. I’m not a big breakfast person so some days I miss them. At lunch, I top my salads with wild salmon, smoked salmon, tuna, turkey – I’m a meat eater that favors animal protein. I eat plenty of lean animal and plant proteins at each meal, and several servings of healthy fats like avocados and olive oil, too. I also eat a little organic butter, organic full-fat yogurt (such as Greek yogurt), and sometimes a little kefir or cheese. I am not a snacker, though I do enjoy berries, raw almonds and my protein shake, Responsibly Slim [8] (I toss in a banana, berries, and sometimes flaxseeds).

It seems to work for me [9]. Not bad for a retired athlete!

Best of MDA [10]

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