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Blogging from PrimalCon 2012 – Day 3

I’ve spent the whole weekend trying to wrangle a 9 1/2 week old puppy that I’ve only had for four days while interacting enough to cobble together a a few blogs that somewhat encapsulated the PrimalCon 2012 experience, and I think I did a fair job. I’m dead tired. Too tired to join an epic 2-game Ultimate Frisbee series spanning an hour and a half. (Mark’s team lost the final match by a couple points, and, contrary to his claims of it being merely his outlet for carefree whimsical play, he takes it pretty seriously.) But despite all that, I feel good. It feels good to help put something like PrimalCon together, something that people really seem to appreciate. Because I work in this world, and almost everyone around me is clued in, it’s easy for me to forget that most people who get into this Primal stuff often do so as lone wolves without a Primal pack. So it’s been fun to see people discovering their pack.

Still, PrimalCon 2012 is finally winding down, so there’s a bit of sadness. It’s not quite done – everyone’s still hanging around, chatting, stretching, Olympic lifting, hitting PRs, generating vitamin D, inhaling macadamia nut butter, and exchanging emails, Facebook friend requests, hand shakes, and promises of future meetings – but it’s going to be, and you ¬†know it. People are getting in their last licks.

The group leaders are sharing hugs and looking radiant.

Mark and Erwan are flexing for the camera.

People are laughing and lounging around in the warm grass.

A few are even practicing power cleans and snatches – for vacation.

Mark’s giving his final words and fielding some last minute questions. “Are hot tubs healthy?” someone asks the guy from Malibu with two of ’em at his house.

Not much more needs to be said. This is the trailing off, the sinking in of concepts discussed the previous days and sure to be ruminated upon for days hereafter. Now it’s time to say goodbye, and move on and up and forward. After all, sadness is just a reprieve from a previous high, isn’t it? Feeling sad now means you were feeling happy, and the two are co-dependent. Two sides of the same coin. This is nostalgia before it’s supposed to happen, which should tell you something about how meaningful this weekend was.

Sadness, shmadness; there’s always next year. See you then?