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Friday Link Love

Mary over at Cranky Fitness was having feelings of seasonal depression [1].

Migraineur rants about Brian Wansink’s appointment [2] as head of the USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion.

Ruth at Eating Fabulous points out that if you want your kid to eat their veggies you have to start them young [3].

FitSugar considers the proposal to tax high-fructose corn syrup soft drinks in San Francisco. Take the poll [4].

Bertalan Mesko at ScienceRoll brings us the global health world clock [5].

Charlotte at The Great Fitness Experiment reflects on societal pressure to see PREGNANT women be thin [6].

Modern Forager addresses the question: Antibiotics – To Take or Not to Take? [7]

Art De Vany rips into the Mitchell Report [8].

and last, but not least…

Blog of Herbs details a do-it-yourself quick fix for a deep laceration [9].

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