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February 17, 2008

Pharma Confidential

By Aaron

If you have ever experienced difficulty in finding the motivation needed to complete the most common daily tasks you may be part of the estimated 20% of the population that is burdened by a newly discovered debilitating disorder – Motivation Deficiency Disorder, or MDD. Luckily, there is a simple answer: Strivor.

No. We aren’t serious. But you can easily imagine hearing this sort of thing in the next Big Pharma television ad campaign.

This is at the heart of this parody video that provides biting commentary on the tactics used by Big Pharma and the state of the healthcare industry. It is put together by Consumer International, which, as they say, is “the world federation of consumer groups that, working together with its members, serves as the only independent and authoritative global voice for consumers.”

Get ready to both laugh and cry…

Follow this link to CI’s website to view additional videos.

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9 years 5 months ago

Wow, I thought RLS was hilarious, but this takes the cake.

Im a marijuana user, yet I dont suffer from “MDD”

let us know about them side-effects

9 years 5 months ago

OMG!! Many points here, first being please send a warning first. I watched this directly after finishing lunch and was nauseated by the clip. WTH!!

Isn’t RLS real; my husband shakes himself to sleep and rocks his leg nonstop even during meals! He also isnt conscious of what he eats, doesnt exercise and is on the heavier side too!!

Just because they are doctors doesnt mean they should be trusted with everything!!

Almost propaganda-like!!

9 years 5 months ago

wow – that reminds me

I’ve suffered all my life from

can’tbearsed syndrome


pharma4me complex