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September 18, 2007

The Best Nutrition Posts of 2007

By Worker Bee

Whether you’re a new reader or a loyal follower of MDA, with over 600 posts to read, we thought we should take a moment to sort out the best, most useful, most informative, and highly entertaining posts for your benefit. Don’t worry about digging through the archives – the best is right here for your use! Bookmark this page for future reference – all the nutritional bases are covered, right here, just for you. If you’re in search of tips for a healthier diet, or simply want to explore important nutrition issues like low-carb or vegetarianism, here is everything you need. Eat up!

Best and Worst Protein Sources

Are vegetarian sources of protein equal to animal protein? Of all the choices we have available, which protein sources are the most nutritious and healthy?

The Trouble with Eating Meat

Are shrimp really just…glorified sea bugs? Is factory-farmed meat healthy? Is chicken really lower in fat than beef?

What Do You Mean I Can’t Eat a Carb!

Are there any good carbs? Why is rice better than bread? What’s the difference between complex carbohydrates and whole grains?

Nothing Is Healthy. Nothing.

Ever feel like everything is bad for you? Welcome to the club. If it’s not carbs it’s fat. If it’s not meat it’s soy. What can we eat these days?

Chocolate and Wine Are Healthy. Mark Sisson Says So.

Not only are these indulgences good for you in moderation, we’ll tell you how to incorporate them into your diet on a daily basis – and reap the nutritious rewards!

4,000 Calories a Day

Americans eat, on average, twice as many calories as they really need. Why is that? Let’s take a little stroll through the food court to find out…

There’s Flavor, and Then There’s “Flavor”

What’s with the wacky food combinations these days? Jalapeno Curry Chips? Mango Infused Bread? It gets worse, much worse…do we really need so much cowbell?

The Most Powerful Super Foods on Earth

We’re humble. But seriously, these are some of the most potent, healthy foods on earth, and they’re delicious. Try to get each of them in your diet on a weekly basis.

Brain Boosting, Mood Lifting Foods

Want to revive a flagging mood? Boost a fuzzy brain? Be sure to taste these cranial powerhouses.

Caesar Salad Again? I’d Rather Eat My Shoe, Thanks.

Are you stuck in a flavor rut? Tired of eating the same old meals? Feel like every restaurant is a chain restaurant? Don’t miss these seriously unusual – and easy, and delicious, and, well…just don’t miss these recipes.

Is Raw Food Really Healthier Than Cooked Food?

Mark assesses the dubious claims of the raw food philosophy.

Why Grains Are NOT Healthy

Improperly conducted studies, special interest funding, and outdated information is just the beginning.

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9 years 11 months ago
I’m now devoting a large chunk of my brain to exactly how one would create a deep-fried daiquiri ice curry ball that tasted good. I think I’m about ninety percent there; it involves Baskin Robin’s daiquiri ice ice cream, red bean paste, Penzey’s sweet curry spice mix, and the Tex-Mex techniques for fried ice cream. I think the red bean paste would actually make the consistency come out better, but I’m not sure. Dimly, I am aware this is not what I should have taken away from the article. (Which was, in all seriousness, great- I would vastly rather have… Read more »
9 years 11 months ago

great food for thought.. thanx
gp in montana

9 years 11 months ago

“Nutrition” this is the word on which we have to concentrate more now a days.We all have become just working machines and at end of the day we don’t have enough energy or stamina for other activities.Your web site gave me the valuable information about the nutritious food and their importance in daily life.

9 years 11 months ago

I love the Brain Boosting, Mood Lifting Foods article. It is such a good read with information that I would like to know. Very excited to know what is good for your brain.

9 years 11 months ago

I’m enjoying this web site more and more each day, I just found it about three weeks ago and it was no accident that I did find it. Great articles and a ton of trustworthy information that we all can use.

9 years 11 months ago

Thanks, Jerry! That’s great to hear. Welcome.