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The Best of Mark’s Daily Apple: August 2008

Here are some of the best posts of August put together in a nice little batch for your perusal. Enjoy!

30-Day Primal Health Challenge Final Results [7] – August 1

Insects: Not Just for Breakfast Anymore [8] – August 6

What’s Wrong with the Zone Diet? [9] – August 7

When it Comes to Fat, How Hot is Too Hot? [10] – August 15

Dear Mark: What’s Wrong with Juicing? [11] – August 18

10 Things You (Likely) Don’t Know About Your Immune System [12] – August 19

The Primal Diet for Dogs [13] – August 20

Choose Your Own Stir Fry Adventure [14] – August 21

8 Ways to Reduce Your Chemical Load [15] – August 22

Mark Interviewed on Fox News [16] – August 28

Getting Back to Nature [17] – August 28

What you would like me to write about? Drop me a line in the comment boards with your questions and suggestions. As per my “Dear Mark [18]” series of posts I began this year, the topic can be personal. So what are you waiting for? You’ve just been offered free personalized health advice. Hit me up with a comment!