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Top 10 Ultimate Fitness Gadgets

Here’s the roundup: Mark and the Bees’ favorite workout gear, as tested and approved. Let us know your favorite exercise essentials!

Vibram 5 Fingers [1]

Less shoe, healthier foot. Very Primal! 😉

Garmin Forerunner 201 GPS [2]

Get lost anywhere and find your way home!

PumpOne [3]

Workouts on the go!

Adventure Plus [4]

MacGyver would approve of this multipurpose gadget.

Ipod Shuffle [5]

Clip and go – only $79 bucks for plenty of portable tunes!

Tapas Ultra Yoga Mat [6]

The most comfortable, safe mat available.

Omron Digital Premium Pedometer [7]

Keep track of how far you walk each day.

Sennheiser Sport Headphones [8]

Indestructible Exercise-Friendly Headphones

Nintendo Wii with Wii Sports [9]

Have you tried the new balance board?

Cardio Canine [10]

Hands-free leash with bottle holder!

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