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Beat the Creep: Gradual Weight Gain Stopped and Reversed

It’s Friday, everyone! And that means another Primal Blueprint Real Life Story [1] from a Mark’s Daily Apple reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me here [2]. I’ll continue to publish these each Friday as long as they keep coming in. Thank you for reading!

Hi my name is Mauricio Sada-Paz and I was born 37 years ago in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. I have been in banking for 14 years and have always been very athletic. However, every year my weight was gradually going up. I initially simply tried to increase the distance I was running still mixing it up with weights. When this did not work I decided to train for two marathons and dropped the weight training. In 2010 I ran the London and NY marathon, yet my weight stayed in the 99-100 kgs area (~220 lbs). I am 192 cms (6′ 3″) tall so I did not look overweight, but I did not look like a fit marathon runner despite running NY under 3:30. The first picture with me on the boat is in April 2010 only 4 days before I ran the London Marathon.

In 2011 I did not train for any marathons as I was starting a new job and my weight continued to increase. I peaked after New Year’s 2011 (second pic below) in the 107-108 kgs area (~238 lbs) after having had my wife’s family and then my own family visit for the holidays. I knew something was wrong when I ran 7 days, 15 kilometres every day during the holidays and my weight was still going up. Clearly I was eating and drinking wine, but still I should not have been going up at that pace. When I spoke to my boss about it, he said do not worry…I have the right solution for you. Simply read PRIMAL BLUEPRINT [3] by Mark Sisson and the fat will just melt off. I trusted him as he is a super fit cyclist who has his body fat down to 6%.

I ran to my iPad and bought the book on the 9th of January 2012. Ever since that date I have only deviated from the diet on one day when I ate a burrito with tortilla, black beans and rice. I felt so bloated and gassy afterwards that this will not happen again. My weight has plummeted. By the end of January I was already at 102 kgs (~225 lbs) and by the end of February I was at 97 kgs (~213 lbs). At the end of March I touched a low of 92.9 kgs (~204 lbs) with 16.8% body fat.

I have not only changed my diet but I have also changed my workout routine. I stopped running so much and now only run once or twice a week to commute back from work, but never get above 75% of my max heart rate. In addition I have started lifting weights once a week. In order to comply with Mark’s recommended sprints or interval training I started doing the INSANITY workout videos which are very good the rest of the week.

So I now have a six pack for the first time since I was at Georgetown 15 years ago and my face looks 10 years younger (no longer like a model for Botero [4], the Colombian artist who paints obese grain fed people). I had my tailor come to my house two days ago so I could buy a new suit and alter my other two. These are suits from 2010 when I ran both marathons. In waist measurements I have gone from 38.5 inches to 35.5 inches. However it is more extreme when you compare 3 trousers I bought from Hugo Boss in November 2011. They were 40L. On Sunday I went to buy three new ones and they were 36L!!!

I do not consider the Primal Blueprint to be a diet but more a way of life, as I do not experience any hunger and eat everything I like except for a few things. I still drink red wine every night, but have stopped drinking beer (which is made out of grains) and distilled alcoholic drinks. I eat a three egg vegetable omelet almost every day, a big salad for lunch then some grilled protein with broccoli for dinner. For dessert I will have some blueberries, strawberries or raspberries. If I wake up and am not hungry then I will not eat and do a nice 12 hour “IF” (intermittent fasting). I always carry a small bag of almonds for an emergency when I go to a work event and they only have anti-Primal canapes. I have taken notes from the Primal Blueprint and saved it in my NOTES on the iPhone just in case I have a question. If the answer is not there then I Google it and 95% of the time, MARKSDAILYAPPLE.com [5] has an article answering my question. That is it…easy peasy lemon squeezy. Many thanks, Mark!!!