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21 Sep

Ask Carrie a Question

I’m not sure if I’ve ever formally introduced my wife, Carrie, to the Mark’s Daily Apple community. (That’s her to the right. 53 years strong and on her way to the gym today.) She’s shown up in some posts in the past and we’ve talked about her contributing to the blog, but it just hasn’t come together until now. I’ve done my fair share of encouraging, but it’s been your interest that finally convinced her to share her experience.

As a number of women readers mentioned, it’s nice to get feedback from the female persuasion. Carrie has lived her own version of the Primal Blueprint for years now, so she can offer some valuable, personal insight. Some of you have asked how living Primally influences women’s aging issues. Others have been interested in how she has raised two Primal seedlings. Whatever your question, this is your chance for some feedback. She’d love to receive any questions you have for her, so drop a line in the comment board. Next week she’ll be back with her own “Dear Carrie” answers. Thanks in advance for your questions, everyone! We’ll look forward to reading your comments. Have a great week!

UPDATE: Read the follow-up to this post where Carrie answers all your questions

You want comments? We got comments:

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  1. Hi Carrie. You are truly an inspiration. I’ve stayed active and athletic all my life and I was instinctively and otherwise doing most of what you describe in the primal lifestyle for the past 10 year. I am now 50 and an Ashtanga yoga teacher. Amazingly, My body fat actually IS lower than when I was in my 30’s, doing triathlons etc. – 15%!
    I definitely credit this to the primal lifestyle.

    My question is regarding hair – yours is beautiful. I’ve always had fine hair, medium thin hair. It has felt comfortable to me so far, but won’t if it thins with age. Do you feel that hair-thinning is inevitable for women over 50, or have you experienced that your lifestyle and diet is preventing that? Any tips on supplements, etc.?

    Thank you!I was sliding into an aging crisis this year and you have reminded me that I can be strong and beautiful even after mid-life!
    Thank you!

    Tao wrote on March 3rd, 2011
  2. Hey! Do you know if they make any plugins to help with Search Engine Optimization? I’m trying to get my blog to rank for some targeted keywords but I’m not seeing very good gains. If you know of any please share. Thank you!

    Yer Massaquoi wrote on May 24th, 2011
  3. Hi Carrie!
    I read Mark’s “a day in the week of” post, and was wondering what yours would look like. I have an inkling that ladies either a) don’t handle dietary fats as well or b) just don’t accept fats as necessary like men do (we still hang on to that fat=bad idea). Personally, I thrive on very high protein, moderate fat (35%) and very low carb (10%). What about you?

    Ashley wrote on August 17th, 2011
  4. I have a question about insulin, glucose, and fats & protein. For background, I’m at pg 95 in your husbands book. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around how different fuels are metabolized in the body. Perhaps you can clear up my misconception. I’ll try and state it below.

    I understand how insulin is needed to get cells to accept glucose into them and burn them off. I also understand why a lower carb diet needs less insulin, and a higher carb diet needs more insulin. Here is what I don’t understand. Mark writes on pg 95 “While most cells in our body can easily burn both fats and glucose, there are a few select cells that function only on glucose (some brain cells, red blood cells, and kidney cells, for example). Without glucose, those cells would cease to function and we would not last very long.”

    My understanding is the ONLY thing our cells burn is glucose. If we “burn fat”, it is that fat is converted to glucose and sent to the cells as glucose. It this understanding flawed? When we go from a SAD diet to a lower carb diet and become “Fat burners”, how is this fat burnt off? Can you point me in some direction to clear up this for me?

    Carl Sergeant wrote on November 27th, 2011
  5. Hi Carrie! I am completely new to this site but have slowly been incorporating traditional foods into my family’s diet when I was diagnosed with 3 autoimmune disorders and my son was diagnosed with celiac disease. I have found that I need to eat some grains in my diet, too, due to low blood sugar. I eat quinoa and some rice. I am not heavy and when I tried to eliminate all grains, I lost 8 pounds in 8 days and my mood was erratic. I also have eliminated sugar-I’m way too sensitive to it now. I am 45 years old and have found as I get older, I need different things in my diet to stay balanced. Anyway, I’m glad to hear your story. I am excited to continue to browse your website and learn more! Thank you for your openness.

    Colleen wrote on December 17th, 2011
  6. hi, nice site but I am a little confused. Elsewhere on the site Mark says you are the parents to a 17 year old and a 15 year old. So your posting (below) obviously doesn’t make sense. As a newbie to this site I’m naturally wondering why this big anomaly between your two versions of who/what you are (mum to a 17 and 15 year old or mum with young family trying to lose baby weight). Here’s what you posted above:

    “As a mom of two small children I’m both struggling to get back to an athletic life (and lose the baby weight) and I’m trying to figure out how to get the kids to enjoy primal foods. I’ve resorted to letting them at least keep their oatmeal breakfast to get them to eat. Any thoughts and suggestions to a young family would be very welcome!”

    Just hoping for an explanation that makes sense before I decide I can trust this site I guess.

    Helena wrote on January 28th, 2012
    • I think, if you look back, that that particular paragraph was not written by Carrie, but was written by Jenn on September 21st, 2009

      aussiesue wrote on February 22nd, 2012
  7. Hi Carry,

    Nice to meet you and you look great!
    I wanted to ask you a question, and
    hope you can give me some advice.
    Two years ago i started taking cod liver oil in combination with the fermented butter oil from Green Pastures, because i had problems with my teeth. Luckily my teeth have become much better. I also started to take mory healthy fats in my diet and less carbs.
    There has since then also been a change in my weight. I think i was always too thin. I’m a mother and 37 years old. I’m 1.70 m tall and before my weight was 52 kilos. Now it has changed to 55/56 kilos, and i feel quite good, am less sick.
    I’m happy with my weight now, but feel insecure about my face. It has become thicker. People who didn’t see me for a while notice it also and when they see pictures from a year or two years ago they say i look much thinner there. In a way i feel it’s never good enough: first i’m always too thin and now people say my face has become much thicker. Of course i’m also a bit older now, maybe that’s also a reason it has changed. My question is, could it have to do something with hormones, because cod liver oil and healthy fats will also influence your hormonal balance.
    or do i have a wrong image of myself because i was always a bit too thin, so that it really shows now that i’ve become a bit thicker? My husband also seen i’ve changed but says for him it’s not too much, i’m exactly okay like this, not too thick or too thin.
    But i found my face more beautiful two years ago.
    Hope you can give me some advice. Many thanks in advance!

    tracy wrote on March 18th, 2012
  8. Hello Carrie,
    First I want to tell you that you and Mark are my new heros. You are the healthiest and youngest looking for your age that I have ever seen!

    I live in the greater Seatlle area – no sun most of the time. I currently use a tanning bed – what is your opinion about this. People try to tell me I will one day look leathery – do you agree? I feel that eating primal protects us from the leathery look despite tanning. I do eat striclty primal.

    Second question – how much water do you and Mark drink per day?

    Take care,
    Thank you

    Dayna wrote on February 23rd, 2013
  9. hi Carrie:) i just love your writing and healthy thoughts!  thank you!

    i’m putting pictures of beautiful paleo women on my site… and you are gorgeous! would it be ok if i used your picture? i’ll link the site and anything else you might want too:) oh… and a favorite quote would be awesome:)

    will you be our Gorgeous New Cavegirl tomorrow? we would love to have you this weekend if possible. you’ll be featured all day:)

    here’s the page where you would be:

    ok Gorgeous Cavegirl Carey… let me know:)


    sophie:) wrote on March 23rd, 2013
  10. Hello Carrie,

    I am fairly new to the primal way of living, and slowly recovering from anorexia/ exercising way too much and intaking no calories or fats. I was healthy at 120 and am 5″7″ (now at 92 pounds) 27 years old with two children. I want to take control of my life again, but am terrified that I will be gaining fat. I exercise on an elliptical for about 30 mins everyday and supposedly burn about 400 calories, then jump onto Brazil Butt lift and do some other “strength” workouts to build my butt and abs. I am trying to get back up to a healthy weight but am concerned that I don’t know enough about macros and am ultimately not following the plan correctly.

    Any advice, or help with macros and necessary calories would be so so so much appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Angela wrote on May 30th, 2013
  11. You are a complete wanker

    Tony Kulowski wrote on June 9th, 2013
  12. HI CARRIE!

    How do you cope with hormonal balance on this diet? I have endometriosis and a lot of it says to not consume animal fats…

    I have a good link here that really goes into detail! Ps. You look great!

    CJG wrote on October 21st, 2013
  13. Hi Carrie,

    I’m curious if you’ve done any reading on how a woman’s core is different from a man’s and how to avoid injury to the pelvic floor while still working out. From what I’ve read, over 50% of women have some form and degree of pelvic floor disorder (pelvic organ prolapse.)
    Christine Kent has a book full of information on this as well as DVDs and a forum.

    I’d like to start working out more, but am afraid of harming my pelvic floor.



    Erin wrote on June 11th, 2014
  14. Carrie.

    You look truly amazing. I am inspired to follow this diet and lifestyle. I am 47 and on bioidentical hormones as well. I love it and feel great. I recently quit coffee for a 30 day caffeine cleanse. Do you drink coffee? Do you think it affects women and their hormones differently than men? I noticed you put green tea on your sample menu. Is this because you do not like coffee or you think it is not good for you? I love coffee and drank only one cup a day. Do you think I should give it up though. I do feel a sense of peace since I quit.

    charissa wrote on July 13th, 2016

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