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The what, why and how of shedding your shoes.

Definitive Guides

Thorough explanations of big health topics.

How To

Practical hacks to improve your well being.

Lift Heavy Things

The science and strategy of building muscle and strength.

Low Level Aerobic Activity

The real benefits of long walks on the beach and other “non” exercises.


What should go on the dinner table and what shouldn’t.

Personal Improvement

From music therapy to better sex, health improvements beyond diet and exercise.


Combining fun and fitness – a central tenet of PBF.


Delicious, healthy meals that anyone can prepare.


Optimize one-third of your life in one fell swoop.


Learn the benefits and methods of giving 110%.


Tips and techniques for stress management and relaxation.

Success Stories

Readers share their stories of weight loss and body transformation.

Sun Exposure

Why sunlight is important, and how to get safe exposure.


Improving our lives with 21st century technology.

Weight Loss

Specific strategies for shedding body fat.

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