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Announcement: Special Offer Ends Today!

UPDATE: The special offer outlined in this blog post has come to an end. Many thanks to everyone that participated in this book launch offer. Grok on!

Just a quick announcement to remind you that the [1]special offer [2] for The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation [1] ends today, October 24, at midnight. This is your last chance to grab a copy (or 3, or more) and receive a bunch of free gifts, including a 60-minute 21-Day Transformation Podcast in which I explore the 8 Key Concepts everyone needs to know to get Primal, a 130-page eBook called Primal Living in the REAL World wherein hundreds of Mark’s Daily Apple readers share their tips and experiences on how to get and stay Primal, gift certificates to PrimalBlueprint.com [3], and more. Learn all about the special offer and how to get your free gifts here [2].

If you’ve already purchased a copy, many, many thanks. I sincerely hope (and am confident that) the book and the accompanying freebies will help you take control of your health for life. With your help the new book has been in and hovering around the top 10 books sold on Amazon.com [4] all week, reaching #3 overall mid-last week! That’s the power of the Primal community! Thank you, again.

Stay tuned for today’s regularly scheduled Dear Mark [5] post in which I answer your questions about eating egg shells for calcium, hunter-gatherer activity levels, and the healthfulness of fully hydrogenated oils, frozen produce and intermittent gorging. Grok on!