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September 10, 2010

Announcement: Reader-Created WOW Video Winner

By Mark Sisson

Can you believe it? It’s already been one month since the release of Primal Blueprint Fitness and Workouts of the Week (WOW). Participation and feedback has been outstanding. A few PBFers have gone the extra mile and submitted videos of themselves completing WOWs as part of the Reader-Created WOW Video Contest. Four videos have been published on MDA which means it’s time to pick a winner. Drumroll please.

The randomly drawn winner of the inaugural Reader-Created WOW Video Contest and a $100 Gift Certificate to is…

PBFer Sean from Catalyst Conditioning!

Many, many thanks to Sean, Brett, Todd and Kit for submitting WOW videos. You can view their videos here, here, here and here.

I’ve locked up an Ultimate Sandbag as the prize for the next WOW Video Contest giveaway, so if you’d like a chance to win stay tuned for future WOWs (published every Monday). And remember, you can also win by submitting your own WOW concept. Upcoming WOWs will feature playful workouts that can be done with partners or groups so keep this in mind when submitting a WOW concept during the next few weeks. Grok on, everyone!

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6 Comments on "Announcement: Reader-Created WOW Video Winner"


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6 years 11 months ago

Fun yay! I am sure going to film my own vid. I want that prize! :))

6 years 11 months ago

Is that a utilikilt?! Awesome!

6 years 11 months ago

WOW! Thanks Mark! and thanks for your book and site!

And yes GillieBean, it’s a utilikilt (darkbrown workman’s kilt)…Mighty drafty during the sprint phase!

The Martial Fitness Man
6 years 11 months ago

Cool video on general fitness ideas.

I teach people how to get fit through my martial fitness routines which mainly consists of bodyweight exercises developed from some of the martial artist greats.

All the best

Richard Huntley
Martial Fitness Man

The Martial Fitness Man
6 years 11 months ago

sorry didn’t mean to post it twice! : )

6 years 11 months ago

Great workout! Although they should really pay more attention their form.

The lunges are executed poorly and the way they lift weights will cause injuries.

My 2cts