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January 08, 2010

Announcement: New Recipe Theme for the Cookbook Contest

By Mark Sisson

Enter your best Primal Blueprint recipes for your chance to win prizes and be featured in the Reader-Created Cookbook

The new theme: Primal Snacks!

We’ve received some delicious Primal Soup recipes from readers:

Kombu Egg Soup

Arctic Char Chowder

Watercress Bacon Soup

Check back tomorrow for one more Primal Soup recipe.

All of these recipes will be featured in the Reader-Created Primal Blueprint Cookbook and the entrants have a chance to win an über cool Primal prize package.

If you’d like to participate in this contest send in your own favorite Primal recipes that relate to the current theme – Primal Snacks.

What are your favorite Primal snacks? Spicy nut mixes? Special jerky recipes? Primal shake concoctions? What else? Click here for all the contest details.

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6 Comments on "Announcement: New Recipe Theme for the Cookbook Contest"


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7 years 7 months ago

Hey Mark,

Would you consider primal pizza primal snack, or do I need to wait for another category?

I’ve got a killer primal pizza recipe that I have been developing for some time now and I would love to share it with the MDA community.

Sarah Hemingway
7 years 7 months ago

Doug, I would love to see your primal pizza recipe!!! I really miss pizza but it makes me sick so I don’t eat it anymore.

7 years 7 months ago

Hey Sarah,

I usually don’ measure or keep track of the cooking time but I will when I make it today so that it’s easy for everyone to follow.

I’ll get it to Mark hopefully by tonight. It’s all up to him and his staff at that point.

Thanks for giving me the inspiration to “Grok” it up a notch.

Richard S
7 years 7 months ago

A primal pizza? I didn’t know Grok ate pizza :). Just kidding!