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Let me introduce myself. My name is Mark Sisson. I’m 63 years young. I live and work in Malibu, California. In a past life I was a professional marathoner and triathlete. Now my life goal is to help 100 million people get healthy. I started this blog in 2006 to empower people to take full responsibility for their own health and enjoyment of life by investigating, discussing, and critically rethinking everything we’ve assumed to be true about health and wellness...

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April 02, 2010

Announcement: CrossFit Appearance

By Mark Sisson

I will be speaking at CrossFit Chaos (Prescott, AZ)) at 12:30 PM on Saturday, April 3. If you’re in the area come out and say hello!

CrossFit Chaos (map)
3260 Tower Rd
Prescott, AZ 86305

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4 Comments on "Announcement: CrossFit Appearance"


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7 years 4 months ago

Careful, Crossfit sacked Robb Wolf as the nutrition guy for preaching un-weighed and un-measured paleo over Zoning pizza and beer, so you might not get quite the reception you deserve.

Derek Hutchison
7 years 4 months ago

This doesn’t sound like it has anything to do with CrossFit HQ, so I think Mark will be ok. Most smart crossfitters have figured out that a paleo/primal diet is superior anyways.

Vanessa Sullivan
7 years 4 months ago

I think that is super exciting Mark! A large group of people in our CF box have MDA bookmarked and talk about Primal/Paleo all the time! If you are ever in the Victoria, BC, Canada area we would love to have you!

7 years 3 months ago

i cant wait for marks fitness guide!