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You Best Be Clickin’!

Posted By Worker Bee On March 14, 2007 @ 7:16 pm In Health,Weight Loss,Women's Health | No Comments

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Eating for Two?

Moms-to-be: think you need to gain 30 pounds for a healthy pregnancy? Think again [7]. Conventional medical wisdom gets challenged by our pals over at Calorie Lab – so, naturally, we’re all over it! Many women have a hard time losing the “baby weight” after a pregnancy – could it be that women have been taught to gain more than they should? Japanese doctors routinely recommend women gain, at most, 15  ‘libs.

Youkeo Flickstream [8]

It’s Squeaky-Clean, But Is It Happy?

Dr. Mirkin is at it again: this time, mercilessly debunking the colon cleansing obsession [9] that seems to have taken hold of America. Fiber is one thing; taking up second-home residence in el bano is quite another. Ahem.

Eating Sticks of Butter at 3 a.m. Again?

Yeah, it’s a problem. We’ve all heard the bizarre stories [10] about what Ambien does to people. The FDA issues yet another drug warning [11] for certain sedatives. Is it just us, or does it seem like the FDA’s modus operandi consists of approving new drugs in a hurry and then issuing warnings for them when things inevitably go wrong? When people start eating packs of cigarettes [10] as a result of taking a drug, you know Uncle Sam’s food and drug agency is in danger of jumping the shark…

Thomas Lampe Flickstream [12]

Web It Out:

For those of you interested in good causes, please take a moment to visit Mark’s friend and colleague Dr. Rutledge Taylor’s Youtube clip [13] about the malaria crisis. That’s right – the malaria crisis. Did you know malaria kills more people than AIDS? And that it has killed more than all wars combined? While this heart-wrenching clip is quite unsettling (sensitive viewers please take note), all the same, it’s an incredibly important issue. You can visit the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation [14] for more information about this issue, as well.

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