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23 Sep

A Primal Woman Looks at 50+

It’s Friday, everyone! And that means another Primal Blueprint Real Life Story from a Mark’s Daily Apple reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me here. I’ll continue to publish these each Friday as long as they keep coming in. Thank you for reading!

Some things take a half a century to get right. . .

Background info:

We’ll start with 1976: 16 years old and a very happy childhood. Mom stayed at home and cooked everything from scratch but is Italian and pasta found its way to our table at least 3 days a week. I was definitely born a Type A – anxious, shy and fretful in my childhood and teens. College through the mid thirties was out of control—spent partying, always looking to alleviate some type of an edge. Nutrition was mainly home cooked and minimally processed foods but not Primal.

In my mid thirties I began making healthy lifestyle changes. Fitness and competitive obstacle course competitions replaced the wild lifestyle. Nutrition transpired to low fat, moderate protein and moderate carb (bodybuilding type diet). I felt better, more in control, body composition changed radically and confidence developed. The edge was still there but not as bad. Exercise had become a lifestyle; in my early 40’s in a quest for continued health & fitness it led to an even more functional training style. Nutrition on the other hand took a nosedive with a 3 ½ year vegan/vegetarian stint. Health slowly but steadily declined and anxiousness increased along with aggressiveness and anger to an all time high despite high level of fitness training.

At 44 after much reading and researching I decided to pull a 180; I had read Metabolic Typing and every “test” I took indicated I was a “protein type” that I did better on lots of meat/fat and very little carbs. I doubted it but desperate to feel better I decided to give it an 8 week try. Within 1 week of taking out excessive carbs (both whole grain and refined) and replacing with red meat and butter I felt like a completely different person. Within 1 month most of the edge was gone, for the very first time in my life. 3 months later I discovered CrossFit, after 2 weeks w/this combination there was no more edge. I was not anxious, I was not angry, no matter what life chose to put in my path, over, under around or through I would go. I could speak in public now, I could compete under pressure. Those things did not bother me anymore. Bring it on world.

I continued on this path, I experimented and gradually made more changes adopting my own personal interpretations as I discovered Paleo and WAPF principles. I found Robb Wolf then I found Mark’s Daily Apple. I spent months pouring over back posts and articles. About 9 months later I took out grains completely. Like anything else I had ever done is my life it was 110% effort, moderation and mediocrity were not in my nature. I embraced this new way of life and eating wholeheartedly; I bought primarily local, organic, seasonal produce, procured my meats from pastured farms, located a raw dairy source and rendered my own lard and tallow. If fat is good for you, more is better and no need to count calories. I love to cook and I love to eat. Life was good. I was happy, completely.

Well, at 51 years of age and post menopausal I woke up one morning this past spring and decided to try on my bathing suit. I don’t know why I just did. Most likely because it had been cold, spring was around the corner and I had been hiding out in my sweats enjoying mass quantities of comfort foods – I didn’t gain much weight – the scale could not be right. If I had gained it had to be muscle. Well, I put on that swimsuit, grabbed a mirror and checked my rear. I almost threw up. Dear God; the junk in the trunk was appalling. That could not possibly be my body looking back at me, what the hell had happened?

I am a CSCS and owner of a CrossFit facility that eats “right” and exercises year round. I am passionate in my efforts as well as my nature. I practically get on a pulpit and shout it from afar. I workout an average of 3-4 days a week consisting of 2 to 3 high intensity weight lifting and 1 day of some type of sprinting with mobility work interspersed throughout the week. How in the world could I have gained 12 pounds? And 10 ½ of it was in my rear – that’s pure genetics there. Could it be my age, I am 51? Could it be because I am post menopausal?

In my “youth” I often laughed and rolled my eyes at my older female friends who complained of life disrupting hot flashes and “inevitable” weight gain around the middle once they hit menopause. It seemed to be the scapegoat for whatever ailed them. My answer was always the same – “stay away from the donuts and do some wind sprints – it’s what you eat and whether or not you move your arse. You can look nearly as fit at 50 as you can at 30”. They did not appreciate it and most of them responded with “wait till you’re my age – you’ll see”. Well, life rolls along and here I am 51 and post menopausal. I was the heaviest I had ever been in my entire life at 126 lbs, 19% body fat and I had a roll around the middle. How could that happen; I follow all the rules laid out in the Primal Blueprint. Could I possibly have been wrong? Does the body change? Well of course it changes as we age but was it really out of my control?

First off I don’t even like the sound of the word “menopause”. It seems to be looked upon as a disease of some sort. For many I will admit there is definitely some dis-ease. But what exactly is the cause of that dis-ease and is it preventable through proper nutrition and exercise? I don’t believe it is something that necessitates a “pill” or a “replacement” for. It is a natural transition in a woman’s life, not something to be afraid of or looked upon as the end of life as once known. I have firmly believed if one eats right and exercises throughout their life – while there are definitely changes related to aging – one can do so gracefully, embracing this chapter of  life and avoiding the inevitable weight gain and other common issues. A few years prior I did experience a few “warm moments” in the spring and fall but nothing that disrupted my life or lasted very long. Until this spring and the roll in the middle I have felt basically the same as I have for much of my adult life. I decided to test my hypothesis: was this weight gain inevitable or reversible through lifestyle modification? I said reversible.

I love to read; after perusing MDA and loving all the articles I figured Mark definitely seemed to be on the top of things. I am very opinionated but I couldn’t find one thing I didn’t agree with. So, I ordered the Primal Blueprint. No coach knows it all. Those that aren’t willing to learn will stop improving.

I established a goal: 115 lbs and approximately 12% body fat. I chose a start and end date: 3/15-6/1. I kept a detailed food log for 3 weeks in; changing not a thing for an honest assessment of what I had been consuming. If I did not know what I was consuming and in what amounts I would not know what I needed to change. Here’s what I found. . .

The macronutrient ratios were near ideal. The foods were all from quality sources and home cooked. But my average daily caloric intake was 2400-3200 calories a day and my “indulgences” were averaging 2-3x a week coming from homemade ice cream, 70% organic cacao bars and grits; my largest meal eaten late at night. So maybe that’s why all that junk was in my trunk?

I knew what to change and now had a plan. I adjusted Mark’s advice for Kelly Korg based on my stats/circumstances and cut the calories and fat. Calories ranged from about 1700 to 2000 a day with an occasional high or low day. Never a chronic cardio girl and always a sprinter I was already exercising Primally. I just changed my portions, took out the “indulgences” and the fat began melting off my arse.

I lost about 1 ½ lbs per week the first 3 weeks, then about 1 lb per week thereafter. After about 3 weeks on 50 g a day of carbs I added back in sweet/white potatoes every 3rd or 4th day, cycling both calories/carbs. It seemed to help with energy in my heavy weight days and sprinting. Last 2 weeks, I did drop the calories to about 1300-1700 to get the final body fat off; ending up at 112 lbs and 12.1%.

That was fine for about 10 days but it’s not to be maintained; I like to eat too much. I settled in at 115 lbs and 14-15% bf. I eat moderate portions all week and enjoy a splurge meal on the weekend. Splurge meal is usually a nice piece of fatty meat, a potato of some sort, maybe grits (yes I know that’s corn and corn is a grain but this is the south and I am not perfect) and some homemade ice cream from raw cream, maple syrup and egg yolks. Seasonal adaptations are more fruit in the summer, less in the winter and more fatty meats in the winter, less in the summer. Life is still good and I am even happier now that I fit into my size 3 short shorts.

So thank you Mark, for the knowledge, for your blog – for the time and efforts you put into the research and writing. I linked my site to yours, I send my friends and clients here and your book is a must read for all new clients embarking on the Primal Lifestyle. Best to you and yours in health & fitness!


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You want comments? We got comments:

Imagine you’re George Clooney. Take a moment to admire your grooming and wit. Okay, now imagine someone walks up to you and asks, “What’s your name?” You say, “I’m George Clooney.” Or maybe you say, “I’m the Clooninator!” You don’t say “I’m George of George Clooney Sells Movies Blog” and you certainly don’t say, “I’m Clooney Weight Loss Plan”. So while spam is technically meat, it ain’t anywhere near Primal. Please nickname yourself something your friends would call you.

  1. Holy sh*t! I was not expecting such a drastic transformation! I really appreciate your honest writing. I am only 33 and have long believed that I could be hot, fit, and strong forever if I treat myself right–thank you for proving that it is in fact absolutely possible.

    Jessica wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  2. I’ve been wondering if it’s possible to get into Figure competition shape with PB, and I think you’ve just answered my question! Amazing and beautiful, Paula! I’m wondering if you could give a sample meal plan of what you ate on a roughly 2000 calorie day and a roughly 1300 calorie day? Specifically, I’m wondering if you changed your sources of protein and fat at all (more fish, less beef, etc.)?

    GrokSaysGo! wrote on September 23rd, 2011
    • AMEN!

      Obviously Paula, you have inspired quite a lot of interest, so many comments! (most of us have been very moved in a positive way, lol)

      Perhaps in a follow up article (hint to Mark), you could give us a sample meal plan?

      Specifically, do you eat dairy? Drink wine? What are your main carb/fat/protein sources?

      I am in the “fine tuning” stage of going Primal. My body type at 26 is very similar to your middle pictures.

      I would love to hear more from you!

      Eryn wrote on September 23rd, 2011
      • I second this– Paula, you are inspiring and I would love to hear more details about what you eat on a daily basis. Thanks for sharing your story!

        Laura wrote on September 23rd, 2011
      • Hi Eryn and thanks. Only raw dairy, no wine (I can’t control it). Main carb sources are veggies, some fruit, occasional potatoes, fat is butter, coconut oil, lard and tallow, protein is grass fed beef, fowl, pork, game, seafood and eggs.

        Paula wrote on September 24th, 2011
    • Absolutely! I train a few women for figure competitions and they look amazing; I used this personal Challenge to fine tune that and see how my body would react as compared to when I dieted for fitness comps when I was not Primal. I would not do it any other way. Protein sources towards the end were slightly leaner choices. Added in more fish but kept the beef (my favorite) just chose sirloin and flank over ribeyes. Grass fed of course

      Paula wrote on September 24th, 2011
  3. Wow! Now that is a TRANSFORMATION! Congrats!

    My favorite line was this: “Splurge meal is usually a nice piece of fatty meat, a potato of some sort, maybe grits (yes I know that’s corn and corn is a grain but this is the south and I am not perfect) and some homemade ice cream from raw cream, maple syrup and egg yolks. ”

    The fact that none of us are perfect is perfect. It’s what makes us all so uniquely beautiful!

    Primal Toad wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  4. Paula,

    I think you look stunning, you glow with health. Thank you for reminding me that there is much more ahead than feeling as old and miserable as I do right now at 41! I’m truley inspired! ps, I’d take your before pictures but I’m gonna push for those after shots!!

    Tdrunning wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  5. Paula –

    Phenomenal job! You are quite inspiring to me. At 41, I find myself at your before pictures wanting to get to your after pictures. I just started on PB, and can’t wait to see what my ending results are going to be!

    Adeline wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  6. You are an inspiration!

    Gabby wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  7. Congratulations Paula! Did you do a figure competition? I recognize the stage suit in your final pictures. 😉

    Tracy wrote on September 23rd, 2011
    • That was an old suit from my last comp in Women’s Tri Fitness in 2006. At least it still fits. This Challenge was just to see if I could achieve that look on a Primal diet at 51

      Paula wrote on September 24th, 2011
  8. Good job Paula, you re-assessed mid-stream and that’s something we all should do. You look happy & healthy.

    I too just had a Summit with my backside and we decided it needed some attention! tee hee. Crossfit freaks me out so I’ll start w/ other approaches.

    Jessica wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  9. Your commitment to reach your goal was awesome and inspirational. I think you looked sexy in your “before” pics though.

    Brian wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  10. Wow Paula you look incredible and have shown us all that 50 can be fabulous, you look better than most 30 year olds do, something to aspire to for sure! Thanks for sharing your story :)

    Dollface wrote on September 23rd, 2011
    • She looks better than the 20 year olds in my town…and 30 year olds, and 40 year olds…
      All the men would lay down a red carpet, bow down and drool on the ground.

      Arty wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  11. Well, I have been inspired to look into crossfit more seriously and MAYBE do a little tracking of my diet. I lost 40 pounds just by switching to WAP and I have been off gluten for a couple of weeks with no weightloss but I still eat grains and probably more fruit than is necessary. I feel bloated a lot lately and I can totally relate to the “edge” feeling and angry/anxious/aggressive. For me dieting isn’t for weightloss but for the overall feeling better. Thank you for your inspiration.

    Ashley wrote on September 23rd, 2011
    • Agree there– it’s not just about weight loss. It’s neat to see different types of success stories, some people who want to be extremely lean (like Paula) and others who are fine with a, um, softer look (like me!). :) Eating well can get you there, wherever “there” is!

      Rebekah wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  12. Those after photos are amazing. Great work! And it’s good to know that menopause/andropause doesn’t mean being 40+ lbs overweight, on insulin and wearing dentures.

    Nice smiles :-)

    Arty wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  13. I am at 20% body fat now and people think I look good, but once you’re that far and you can still pinch an inch it’s too much of a challenge not to try to get the last bit off. I had no idea what to aim for so I’m glad you included that your end result was 15% body fat.

    Emily wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  14. Awesome an inspiration to us women!! I do have a question and I hope Paula or anyone else can answer. The primal/ paleo method suggest we should eat fat, but to lose weight we need to cut our fat intake! I’m confused because I thought primal you can eat fat. I don’t eat a lot of fat my fat intake is avocado, olive oil grassfed butter and coconut oil and I would have no more than 3 tablespoons a day of a combination of these!
    Love everyone’s advice as I have been paleo for 4 years and can’t seem to budge the stomach fat! I train crossfit 4 x week. When I was body building and eating no fat the weight stripped off me, but I know body building and chronic cardio is very unhealthy. Thanks guys appreciate your help.

    Jo Smith wrote on September 23rd, 2011
    • My fat intake rarely dropped below 50%. My sources: the fats from meat, fowl and fish, olive oil, avocados, coconut oil, lard and tallow.

      Paula wrote on September 24th, 2011
  15. Wow Paula, I just sent in a similar story but not quite as detailed. I left out the part of the belly fat. I have toyed with the idea to log what I eat and see where I am at but easier not to. You might call that being in denial as I believe it is my cortisol levels causing the problems. The cortisol is effecting my sleep thus effecting insulin sensitivity and insulin/glucagon balance. Maybe I will try ur suggestion. thanks for sharing.

    colleen wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  16. AMAZING work Paula and Congratulations on what you’ve achieved. ESPECIALLY as a woman over 50.

    I am amazed also that even on this site WOMEN are putting down your success. As someone put it so well, if someone said they look and feel great after a transformation, no one would DREAM of saying, “sorry Paula, you still look fat to me”.

    You look GREAT and more importantly, you look the way YOU wanted to look! :-) Rock it and ignore the whiners :-)

    Jill wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  17. OMG, you are amazing! You managed to jump the barrier I can’t get through no matter what I try to do. I am just stuck in that place were you started! The cursed 19% and 123-127 lbs. I was of a mind to give up, but now I will try to try harder. If you can do it, there is hope! It’s just crazy how much of a difference the cursed 5% crucial percents hold!

    Leida wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  18. Can we get a link to Mark’s advice to Kelly Korg that was so inspirational?

    Christine wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  19. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

    SuperMike wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  20. My fearless gym leader! I have been a client at Paula’s crossfit gym for a year and a half now, and she always full of energy and passion exercising and nutrition. Since it is her job and she used to compete, you would expect her to strive for the after photos, but she doesn’t expect everyone to have the same goals as her. I know I feel and look great due in large part to joining her gym and changing my nutrition to what she and MDA recommend.

    Summer wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  21. Thank you Paula, for your honest and inspiring story! All the Friday Success Stories are fantastic, but being in your age group, yours has been especially meaningful. Great work!

    Ellen wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  22. Fantastic job! It’s amazing how being fit not only makes you feel better about yourself but you look 20 years younger on top of it! It gives me something to strive for :)

    Megan wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  23. First I want to say congrats to Paula for taking control of your health and happiness….but I need to respectfully say this

    Your Quote:
    “Well, I put on that swimsuit, grabbed a mirror and checked my rear. I almost threw up. Dear God; the junk in the trunk was appalling. That could not possibly be my body looking back at me, what the hell had happened?”

    This sends a very bad message to many many many women. It speaks volumes to women’s self body images, and what is beautiful. We have to remember on this site that health does not = hot ripped, muscles everywhere for everyone. Some of us would be super happy to look as BEAUTIFUL as Paula in her “Before” pics.

    We need to be careful on MDA what kind of advice we are handing out to women!!! Is it really appropriate to tell women out there that if they look like her before pics that she is fat and not good looking!!?? NO NO & NO

    Let’s be careful folks. Remember going Primal is about overall health….not being able to walk around in a bikini! Although if you get to that point way to go……

    We need to celebrate all body types and whole happy healthy people!!!!

    Joanne - The Real Food Mama wrote on September 23rd, 2011
    • This is a great comment!!

      Stephanie @ Aspiring wrote on September 23rd, 2011
    • Coming from a family that’s tall and slender (too slender) and every relative being tall and slender it is difficult to look in the mirror when you add even only 5 kg!
      5-10kg immediately shows up in the face, boobs and rear and everybody will notice it.
      Also coming from Europe, we are not as forgiving as Americans are about being fat.
      Being used to a slender body most of your life, it will shock you when 1 day you wake up and see ‘behind the curtain’.
      To most of americans at 30 lbs overweight I was still a bean pole. But to Europe’s standards I was slightly chubby.
      I moved to the states and let myself go, eating SAD instead of sticking to my native, traditional foods. Glad I found MDA to catch it all before my health went totally to sh*ts.
      I am very thankful for Paulas story, I can totally relate to how she felt.

      If you’re the pear shaped type, well, we all wish to be different only when we feel insecure about how we look, based on what’s currently being promoted in the fashion and fitness magazines, on tv and what not.
      No need to tell Paula what’s right or wrong here on MDA. This is HER story and HER success and I am super jealous because I want flat abs like her! :-)

      Ingrid wrote on September 23rd, 2011
      • I understand for sure. She totally has to make up her mind about what she wants to look like and is happy with!! And she looks great!!

        My point is that we shouldn’t be telling other women how or what makes them beautiful.

        We just need to be careful, with media telling us how we “should” look we need to make up our own minds about what makes us happy and healthy!

        Its not about imagine its about health!

        I am thrilled for Paula and love her story!!

        My real point is we have to be careful the message we are handing out to other women, it shouldn’t be about media standards, or other standards, it should be about our standards.

        I am not telling Paula that she is right or wrong! She is awesome and I say GROK on to you all! Do what makes you happy and what helps you live the best life!

        Joanne - The Real Food Mama wrote on September 24th, 2011
        • opps…

          imagine = image

          Joanne - The Real Food Mama wrote on September 24th, 2011
        • “We” are not telling women anything! Paula shared her opinion and her story. No need to get evangelical on her or the MDA site. If Mark disagreed with the message, surely he’s the one who would edit it?

          Tdrunning wrote on September 26th, 2011
    • It seems to me that Paula has her own idea about what is beautiful, healthy, and acceptable to her. She did not, as some other commenters have suggest she do, shape her body to fit the ideal of some men, neither did she suggest that I need to look like her cut photos to be beautiful. I think this is a wonderful attitude to promote.

      My own ideal for myself doesn’t look like Paula’s, but I feel confident enough about my health, fitness, and personal sense of aesthetics that I feel inspired, rather than threatened, by Paula’s incredible results.

      alex wrote on September 24th, 2011
    • I have read all the available success stories here – they are so motivational and uplifting for me. Not once did I consider any one individual’s story and success to be the example I should personally follow. And I didn’t see anyone tell Papa Grok Dave that his dramatic weight loss was an unrealistic goal that sets a bad example for the rest of us.

      What the heck is wrong here? Why is Paula being torn down by woman after woman? Why do you feel so threatened by her? It’s so wrong.

      I am never going to look like Paula’s afteer pix. I don’t have the dedication and stamina to do that. But I do know that I have it in me to look better, and I love seeing Paula’s pictures and read her story. Every individual’s success is their own and something that should make the rest of us feel like “right on!” and “good for you!”

      Not wah, I can’t do that therefore noone should. Wah, boo-hoo I will never look that good. Wah, this is bad for women.

      Well, you know what? Get over yourself. You CAN do better. Your own way with your own goals. It’s possible. Just do it and stop tearing someone else down.

      HillsideGina wrote on September 24th, 2011
  24. I completely admire you and could only hope to look so beautiful in 20 years!

    lisa wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  25. Paula,
    I think you look awesome and you are an inspiration to a 30 something mom :-)

    Keep up the great work!!

    Rebecca wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  26. I don’t know what else to say except YOU ARE HOT!

    Roger Jack wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  27. Great story and a great job indeed. Lots of hard work but it just goes to show you…a calorie is still a calorie. You can’t disobey thermodynamics regardless of whether you go primal or not. You must eat less than you burn.

    Frank Fuller wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  28. Great job. You look amazing.

    karen wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  29. Success stories come in all shapes and sizes. Thank you, Paula, for sharing yours.

    Sonagi wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  30. Paula, you look absolutely wonderful! I’m 67 and have been in “menopause” longer than most of the gals posting here on MDA have lived! (Well, maybe just most of the gals, but still—)

    You’re a true inspiration because I hear daily about the pitfalls of menopause from my not-so-healthy friends who choose to pig-out on sugar and processed carbs and prefer to “take” pills instead of “taking” control.

    And I really think you look a hellovalot better in those after pics than you did in the before pics. And as a Crossfit trainer you are sending out a truly inspirational message. Thanks for sharing and all the best to you!!

    PrimalGrandma wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  31. From one Paula to another…
    Damn girl, your butt looks good!

    Pebbles 67 wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  32. I’m a 49-yr-old male thinking about my approaching 50th, and your story just gave me some serious inspiration. These posts really do change people’s lives for the better.

    boo wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  33. You’re my hero of the week, Paula. Thanks for your story – you look fabulous. Love it!! — NG —

    Neandergirl wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  34. Wow, what a great post! Congrats to you girl – you go girl go! This makes me keep thinking, I have got to let go of those grains…mercy, not sure I can do it..but giving serious thought!

    Ina Gawne wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  35. Wow… You are my hero now!

    Sanctus Real wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  36. Holy cats! You killed it! Hawtness!

    This is inspiring to see. Had a vision of who you wanted to be and made it so. Kick ass.

    As a 42-yo guy I know that at a certain point stuff starts getting harder. Big part of my motivation is looking good naked – not going to lie about that. Feel like I’m doing great at that so far, but this has me all fired up to turn it up to 11. Thanks!

    snowcreature888 wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  37. I’m glad you said that calories count, even on the PB diet. I’m doing the 30 day challenge, and the few pounds I gained over my birthday are not just “melting off”. I’m 45 and it’s definitely harder for me to lose the weight, and much easier to gain it these days. I’m a similar build to you in your middle photos. However, I don’t look forward to counting calories and cutting them out. I was always hungry when I was doing that a year and a half ago to lose about 6 pounds from 123 down to 117. I know it doesn’t sound like much to lose, but like I said, I’m like you. A few extra pounds on a small frame does not look good. Oh, and I’m Italian American too. I also was not eating as much fat as I am now. The fat definitely helps with my mood too. I too have problems with being angry.

    Phoebe wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  38. I’m wondering what happened with your mood when you cut the fat?

    Phoebe wrote on September 23rd, 2011
    • Rarely did my fat drop below 50%, my mood was actually improved from taking out some of the “indulgences”

      Paula wrote on September 24th, 2011

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