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A Monday Moment

Here’s your Monday Moment:

Slow down and simplify.

Why? Consider the following and I think you’ll agree – why not?

You will get more done.

You will strengthen your soul’s ability to make the right choice (a.k.a. listening to your instincts).

You will say and do the right things. This doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes; it means you’ll make the best choice at the time. Slowing down means you are less likely to harm yourself or others. It gives you time to relax enough for the right decision to come to you.

When you force yourself to slow down and be in the moment, a wonderful thing happens: time seems to slow down. Don’t buy it? Try it. Close the email alert, unplug the phone, ignore text messages, silence all the beeps and blips. Work for an hour in either complete silence or music that inspires you, and see what happens. I guarantee at the end of the hour, you’ll feel as though time stood still. And you will have accomplished far more.

Slowing down is an indication of trust in yourself. When you trust in yourself, you naturally begin to live up to your own estimation of yourself. Others naturally begin to trust in you as well, and the result is that you let them down less. Everybody wins.

How to simplify

I read a study recently that found people who are constantly at the mercy of their PDAs, text messages, email, and phones experience IQ drops of up to 10 points. It’s especially hard on men, who do not multi-task as well as women.

Being unfocused is bad for your brain, your creativity, your productivity, and your intelligence. Organize your communication – set aside blocks of time, streamline and choose how you communicate, and simplify. There are many different ways to do this, and you’ll have to find what works for you. You don’t have to answer emails immediately; you don’t have to be available every moment. If it is urgent, pick up the phone. I’m baffled when people email me to ask if it is a good time to talk. What?

Slow down. The world won’t end, and you’ll find that if you buy into the constant communication mentality, the intensity and incessant small fires never end – they just increase without end.

The faster you go, the faster the wheel goes.

When you rush, you make bad decisions, risk hurting yourself and others (both physically and emotionally), you sacrifice your health, and you put yourself on a hamster wheel of obligation and activity. There’s a better way.