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5 Mar

Is Constant Ketosis Necessary – Or Even Desirable?

Is Constant Ketosis Desirable? | Mark's Daily AppleEvery day, I get links to interesting papers. It’s hard not to when thousands of new studies are published every day and thousands of readers deliver the best ones to my inbox. And while I enjoy thumbing through the links simply for curiosity’s sake, they can also seed new ideas that lead to research rabbit holes and full-fledged posts. It’s probably the favorite part of my day: research and synthesis and the gestation of future blogs. The hard part is collecting, collating, and then transcribing the ideas swirling around inside my brain into readable prose and hopefully getting an article out of it that I can share with you.

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4 Mar

Our Primal Fear of Dying

What can our Primal fear of death teach us? | Mark's Daily AppleMany, if not most of us, have experienced at least one moment when we truly thought we were going to die. Maybe it was a plane ride from hell. Or a seemingly final diagnosis. A grim combat situation – or many.… A frightening near miss on the highway. A serious assault. Even a childbirth gone suddenly and inexplicably awry. Whatever the event, the experience can set off everything from tearful surrender to abject terror. It begs the question: is there anything quite so Primal as the fear of death?

I occasionally get mail about the fear of death. I believe we all think about it – probably much more than we let on, and it doesn’t surprise me at all when people write about it. When you open the door to discussion of innate instinct, I think it’s a logical thought that comes up.

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3 Mar

Are You Suffering From Decision Fatigue? (Plus What to Do About It)

Decision FatigueThe world is a maelstrom of choices. From smartphones (iPhone or Android?), diets (Primal or Paleo or vegan?), cars (electric or gasoline, SUV or sedan?), health plans (PPO, HMO, or health savings account?), to entertainment (TV or Twitter or YouTube or Xbox or Netflix), we’ve never had more options from which to choose. This is supposed to be a good thing. It’s supposed to be liberating. Having more options is supposed to help us make better decisions. But in reality, something called decision fatigue gets in the way.

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2 Mar

Dear Mark: Peripheral Neuropathy, Primal Compromises for Love, and Carbs in Ketosis

Foot painFor this week’s edition of Dear Mark, I’m answering three questions. First up, what could be causing a reader’s peripheral neuropathy? Could it be gluten, B12 and/or B6 deficiency, diabetes, or inadequate vitamin D? The second question concerns homemade pasta, a beautiful woman, and a dilemma: do you indulge in the former to make the latter happy? My answer may surprise you, or it may not. I’m not sure. But I think you’ll find it helpful regardless. And finally, can carbs and ketosis co-exist? They certainly can, but there’s a little trick to make it work.

Let’s go:

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1 Mar

Weekend Link Love – Edition 337

Weekend Link LoveThe LA Times profiled some guy named “Mark Sisson” and something called “Primal living”.

Research of the Week

The more tofu they eat, the worse community-dwelling elderly Chinese perform on tests of cognitive function.

In addition to killing gut bacteria, antibiotics also have the potential to destroy intestinal cells and damage mitochondria.

Among Finnish men, frequent sauna usage (4-7 times per week) is associated with greater longevity than infrequent sauna usage (once per week).

Exercise makes junk food less appealing.

Oh, look. Non-celiac gluten sensitivity is real, after all.

Mindfulness meditation improves sleep quality in older adults with sleep problems.

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