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30-Day Primal Health Challenge Update

The following is a slightly modified version of an email that went out to all Mark’s Daily Apple readers who openly expressed (either in the comment boards or via email) their interest in being participants in the 30-Day Primal Health Challenge [1]. We thought we’d publish it here to offer our services (we’ll, as always, do our best to answer all comments and emails) to all participants and to request your feedback. We’ll be publishing weekly reader-experience updates, so if you’d like to share your story feel free to drop us a line.

Also, Charlotte of The Great Fitness Experiment [2] will be going Primal for this challenge (she’s a sucker for experiments). She has put together a good summary [3] of Primal guidelines for her readers. Check out her blog post in addition to our archives [4] of over 1,200 blog posts to get you off on the right foot!

This is a special email to all 30-Day Primal Health Challenge devotees. As the post [1] stated, this is a simple experiment to see what living 100% Primal 100% of the time is like. All you have to do is act as if.

At the end of the challenge we hope you can take something positive away from the Primal Blueprint [5], and more importantly that you can learn something about yourself and the lifestyle you had been leading.

Over the course of the 30 days you may lose weight, gain muscle, see increased energy, sleep soundly, and be able to more effectively handle stress. You may also find making lifestyle changes (however small) exceedingly difficult. (It is a challenge after all!) Because of this we will be offering special help and support to all participants.

If you have any questions about the Primal Blueprint, are having trouble sticking with the challenge, or need some advice or encouragement just drop us a line [6] via email or leave a reply below for all to weigh in on.

For this challenge we will also be opening up our blog to the voices of challenge participants. Share your story – difficult hurdles, successes, triumphs, results etc. – with fellow MDA readers, so they can use it as encouragement and guidance in their efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you are interested in providing regular weekly updates and/or your final results feel free to send us an email [6] by the following dates:

July 9 – 1st week results

July 16 – 2nd week results

July 23 – 3rd week results

July 31 – 30 day challenge results

The challenge will officially begin today, July 1st.

Thank you for your participation and please stay in touch!

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