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6 Dec

The Physical Benefits of Positive Emotions

halffull2Last week’s post on negative emotions got people talking about the intersection of mental and physical wellbeing. It also filled my inbox (a very good thing, in my opinion). True, it’s not usual subject matter for MDA. Living Primally, however, is about taking a full and nuanced view on enhancing our health. That’s what we’re all after, isn’t it? So, if we recognize how negative emotions – when they’re allowed to linger beyond their natural, short-term function – can undermine our physiological wellbeing, why not take a look at the flip-side? Is positive thinking mere psychobabble fluff as some would argue? Does it attract love, opportunity, and other good energies the universe has to offer? I’ll leave these angles for others to explore (although feel free to argue your own perspective on the board). For my part, I’m all about the brass tacks basics. I’m sure you can guess: the physiological impact of positive feelings and their potential evolutionary roots. Call me a simple guy.

5 Dec

A Brand New Primal Blueprint Cookbook PLUS a Limited-Time $1 Million Bonus Giveaway

SAUCEScover FINAL FNL steak2 stroke small 1

UPDATE: The promotion outlined in this article ended on Dec. 12, 2012. Many thanks to everyone that participated.

Primal Blueprint Healthy Sauces, Dressings & Toppings is now available, and I’m giving you some incredible bonus packages when you buy one or more copies over the next week. But more on that in a moment. First, the real star of the show.

After the extraordinary success of The Primal Blueprint Cookbook and Primal Blueprint Quick & Easy Meals, co-author and chef Jennifer Meier and I sat down to dream up the concept for the next cookbook. It didn’t take long because I had a personal itch to scratch.

We all have our go-to meals – meals that we eat day-in, day-out. Mine? An omelet for breakfast, a Big Ass Salad (BAS) for lunch, and grilled lamb chops and veggies for dinner. I almost never get tired of these meals. The key word in that sentence is almost. Variety is the spice of life, as they say, so the challenge was to find numerous ways to transform basic Primal meals into dishes that are not only better tasting, but better for you. And that’s exactly what we’ve done. A grilled steak is a grilled steak is a grilled steak. But a grilled steak smothered in our Coconut Cilantro Pesto, or topped with Bacon Chive Butter is out of this world!

4 Dec

Should We Ice Injuries?

iceI’ve said this before, but inflammation is a necessary response to injury. It’s the inflammatory response that increases blood and lymphatic flow to and from the injured tissues, bringing healing nutrients and inflammatory mediators and removing damaged refuse. It’s the inflammatory response that makes injuries hurt, which prevents us from using and re-injuring the injured area. And yeah, the inflammatory response can get out of hand and do more damage than the initial insult, but it’s ultimately how our bodies heal damaged tissues and recover from injuries. If we didn’t have an inflammatory response, we’d never get anywhere. This was the crux of a very interesting blog post by Kelly Starrett in which he questioned the typical use of ice after injury. In short, Kelly says that putting ice on a healing tissue is counterproductive because it halts or at least disrupts inflammation, which is really how we heal.

Do we want to use ice in order to reduce the inflammation incurred after a soft tissue injury?

3 Dec

Dear Mark: Can’t Squat, Please Help; Plus, High CRP, No Symptoms, and Glutathione

ScreenShot2012 12 03at45449PMIn this week’s edition of “Dear Mark,” I answer two reader emails that end up being more like three questions. First, I try to help out Alex, who’s having trouble reaching full depth in the Grok squat without falling over backwards. This is a common issue, believe it or not, and luckily there are some pretty simple fixes that people can try. In my response, I explain why he might be toppling over and what he can do to fix it. After that, I answer a question about C-reactive protein, the “inflammation” marker. One reader is feeling great and sitting at an ideal body weight, but a recent blood test in which CRP was elevated has worried her. She wants to know what she can do about it, so I explain why it might be elevated, why it might not be an issue, why it might be one, and what she can do to boost glutathione, which her doctor recommended she increase.

Let’s go:

2 Dec

Weekend Link Love

weekend link loveResearch of the Week

Scientists have just cracked wheat’s genetic code, which means GMO wheat is coming soon, folks. Get ready for even “more robust,” even amberer waves of grain. I for one can’t wait for new wheat to save the world once again.

Social isolation causes adult mice to reduce production of myelin, the protein sheath that surrounds and protects the energy and information transmissions between neuronal cells. Reduced myelin is characteristic of most neurodegenerative disorders, like Alzheimer’s. Luckily, letting the isolated mice back into the playpen restored their myelin production. One has to wonder how these results might transfer to humans, perhaps the most social animals of all.

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