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15 Feb

8 Reasons Why You Act Against Your Own Better Judgment

donutWe all make poor choices against our better judgment. It’s kind of what makes us human – the tendency to actively and willfully make decisions that will result in unfavorable outcomes. Sure, the candy bar tastes good, but you know you’ll feel awful after eating it. Yeah, that blog is fun to read, but you know you’d be much happier if you finished that essay for class first. And yet five minutes later, a candy bar wrapper sits, emptied of its contents; your molars house fragments of nougat and sport a caramel sheen; light nausea approaches; and you find yourself wading knee deep through comment sections, MS Word window minimized. What just happened? Why did you do those things that you told yourself you wouldn’t, that you warned yourself against, and whose negative ramifications are already coming to fruition – just as you predicted?

14 Feb

Why You Should Eat Brightly Colored Fruits and Vegetables

beetToday I round out my Wahls-inspired series on the health benefits of eating various classes of plant matter. If you’re just now joining us, be sure to watch the video in which Terry Wahls explains how eating a Paleo diet rich in leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables, and brightly colored produce (plus meat and seaweed and fish and offal) coincided with a regression in her rapidly-progressing MS. Then, read the previous two installments on leafy greens and crucifers to get completely caught up.

All ready? Good.

14 Feb

Announcement: Important Information About Recent Website Issues

Please take a few moments to read the following important message.

You may have noticed that Mark’s Daily Apple and have been under construction the past couple days. This is the result of both websites having been victims of a cyber attack. Since the attack, my technical support staff has isolated and eliminated all known security risks.

13 Feb

Dear Mark: College Meal Plan

collegeToday’s Dear Mark is a fun one. The question comes from a college student saddled with a lackluster meal plan. Unsurprisingly, it isn’t Primal in the slightest. Worst of all, it’s obligatory, meaning she has no choice but to pay for all this food she doesn’t want to eat. Since I find this pretty appalling, I tried to help the student with a letter to the director of food service explaining what changes can and should be made to make the meal plan healthier. The changes I propose aren’t going to catch any of you off guard, but I tried to make them as palatable for someone who isn’t steeped in this stuff as I could.

Okay, enough blathering. Let’s just get to the question:

12 Feb

Weekend Link Love

weekend link loveListen to the Chrises Kresser and Masterjohn discuss cholesterol, thyroid hormone, iodine, goitrogens, and heart disease on the Revolution Health Radio podcast, their third on the subject. Here are parts one and two.

Baby’s got glutofemoral adipose tissue.

Less trans-fat is coursing through the blood of white American adults.

A recent study found that a lack of sun exposure was linked to a higher risk of stroke.

Why you should include unilateral lower body movements in your workouts and break up all that pure unadulterated back squatting from time to time.

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