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26 Oct

What If I Don’t Want to Lose Weight?

scaleI receive a lot of emails from folks worried about losing too much weight on the Primal Blueprint, underweight readers who need to gain weight, or the formerly overweight who have reached their target weight and wish to stay put. No, they don’t outnumber the questions from overweight readers, but that’s to be expected given the obesity rates in industrialized countries, from which most of MDA’s readers hail. Anyway, with the frequency of those emails increasing, I decided to take a look through the archives for pertinent posts. Other than the post on how to gain weight and build muscle, I realized that gaining weight hasn’t been addressed at length on MDA. I’ve explained how to pack on muscle mass, but what about the folks who aren’t going to squat heavy and don’t care about getting 70′s big?

Is Primal right for those people? I’m talking about:

25 Oct

Managing Your Mitochondria: Nutrients and Supplements

nutrientsIn last week’s mitochondria post, I explained how burning fat for energy was the foundation for keeping your mitochondria plentiful, happy, and robust. If you can’t access fat for energy, your cellular power plants will not work as well as they can or should. Any mitochondrial health regimen must include that as a basic precept. Once you’ve firmly established your fat-burning beasthood, though? You’ve got to man the power plant with a competent workforce. In putting together your workforce, there are plenty of factors to consider, including micronutrient status, supplementation, and exercise, all of which play huge roles in the health of your mitochondria. Rather than hire Homer Simpson, Lenny, and Carl to run the plant, you basically want a bunch of Frank Grimes.

So, without further ado, let’s dig in to the nutrient and supplement side of things.

24 Oct

Dear Mark: Egg Shell Calcium, Fully Hydrogenated Oils, HG Walking, Gorging, and Frozen Produce

eggshellThis was a crazy week, eh? I offered up a brand new book and an accompanying special offer, and you guys responded. Although I’m not sure if we sold enough copies of The Primal Blueprint 21-day Total Body Transformation to make the New York Times best seller list (we’ll see and my fingers are crossed), I know it will changing many, many lives. And regardless of the ultimate outcome, I just wanted to thank you all for your support. I couldn’t – and wouldn’t – do it without you.

Anyway, it’s Monday, and that means it’s time for another round of “Dear Mark” questions-and-answers. We’ve got a good one on fully, as opposed to partially, hydrogenated oils (and the answer may surprise you). I cover homemade egg shell calcium supplements, average hunter-gatherer walking distance, the place of gorging in a Primal eating plan, and whether frozen produce retains sufficient nutrient content when compared to fresh. Let’s go.

24 Oct

Announcement: Special Offer Ends Today!

UPDATE: The special offer outlined in this blog post has come to an end. Many thanks to everyone that participated in this book launch offer. Grok on!

21Day 3D BookcoverB 1Just a quick announcement to remind you that the special offer for The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation ends today, October 24, at midnight. This is your last chance to grab a copy (or 3, or more) and receive a bunch of free gifts, including a 60-minute 21-Day Transformation Podcast in which I explore the 8 Key Concepts everyone needs to know to get Primal, a 130-page eBook called Primal Living in the REAL World wherein hundreds of Mark’s Daily Apple readers share their tips and experiences on how to get and stay Primal, gift certificates to, and more. Learn all about the special offer and how to get your free gifts here.

If you’ve already purchased a copy, many, many thanks. I sincerely hope (and am confident that) the book and the accompanying freebies will help you take control of your health for life. With your help the new book has been in and hovering around the top 10 books sold on all week, reaching #3 overall mid-last week! That’s the power of the Primal community! Thank you, again.

Stay tuned for today’s regularly scheduled Dear Mark post in which I answer your questions about eating egg shells for calcium, hunter-gatherer activity levels, and the healthfulness of fully hydrogenated oils, frozen produce and intermittent gorging. Grok on!

23 Oct

Weekend Link Love

weekend link loveThe other day, Sean Croxton (of Underground Wellness) and I had a little chat, ate some fish, and did some pullups together. We filmed everything, if you’d like to watch.

Neanderthals usually get pegged as poor walkers and runners on account of their compact bodies and stubby lower legs, but more recently anthropologists are figuring that their shorter tibia were well-suited for walking the steep hills of Europe. Chris, got any pronounced brow ridges in your family?

Who said barefoot runners weren’t classy? Bob Ewing (of Primal Challenge fame) will be running the DC Marine Corps Marathon barefoot while wearing a tuxedo, not to highlight the plight of starving Wall Street execs but rather to raise $5,000 for a great cause – a charity that saves people’s lives who have cancer. Check out the video, which features popular barefoot enthusiasts Chris McDougall, Erwan Le Corre, John Durant, and Barefoot Ken Bob.

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