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28 Sep

Playing in the Forest

This reader-created video is Pieter D.’s interpretation of Primal Blueprint Fitness and his entry to this year’s PBF Video Contest. This is the first in a series of workout videos, recipe videos and other contest submissions that will be published all week long. View them all and vote for your favorites later this week. Grok on!

28 Sep

Contest: Meet a Farmer

aerosling full tuv 350The Prize:

aeroSling. Elmar is a reader over in Germany who decided to start who his own fitness business. A year’s worth of German engineering later I received one of these things in the mail (for all I know, I may have been the first American to get one). Great for CrossFitters or anyone interested in adding a little variety to bodyweight strength training, wrap it around a tree limb or telephone pole to add dips, reverse rows, overhead presses, hanging planks, or assisted pistol squats to your routine. Winner will receive one aeroSling ELITE, courtesy of Elmar and Smooth Fitness.

The winner will also receive their choice of a Grok Shirt and a bottle of Primal Flora from

27 Sep

WOW: Primal Skirmish

pbf wow 2

3 cycles of:

30 Walking Lunges
Weight Carry/Evade
2 x 10 Pushups
20 Squat Thrusters*

This workout is designed to be done with a partner or group. See the “How-to” section below for instructions.

27 Sep

Contest: Primal Iron Chef

vitamix blenderThe Prize:

A Vitamix! That’s right, a $500 blender.  I’ve had one of these for over ten years now, and the things hold up. Want to make your own salsa? Almond butter? Puree some veggies? Or maybe you just like to drink your steak. The Vitamix will liquefy pretty much anything. It’s the Bugatti of the blending world. Courtesy of Gail Goodwin from Inspire Me Today, the winner will receive a Vitamix Blender.

In addition to the blender, the winning entry will also be featured as Saturday’s blog post right here on MDA.

The Contest:

Cue the dramatic music, take a bite of your favorite vegetable, steel your fiery gaze at the audience, because it’s time to play Iron Chef: Primal Edition!!! (hold for applause). Reader Nate came up with the idea for this one. For anyone not familiar with the popular Japanese import cooking show, chefs are tasked with creating an assortment of dishes that all include one secret ingredient. For the MDA version…

26 Sep

Contest: Caption This, Win Oils

OliveoilThe Prize:

There’s a little shop in Denver that sells some of the finest olive oils on the country. EVOO Marketplace is offering a gift basket of two top shelf olive oils and two balsamic vinegars to the winner of today’s contest. If you’re an olive oil connoisseur, check out some of their more intense flavors like black truffel and blood orange olive oils.

PalmandCoconutOilsBut the oils don’t stop with olives. Tropical Traditions is back with another offering of coconut oil and palm oil. A 32 oz. jar of each, that’s half a gallon of delicious, healthy, tropical fat. A special note, this palm oil comes from family farms in West Africa, not Southeast Asia, so you can use this stuff knowing orangutans aren’t being wiped out for the benefit of your taste buds.

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