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30 Jun

PrimalCon 2011 Registration Now Open!

primalcon2011 320x240Registration is now open for the second annual PrimalCon, our 3-day (April 15-17, 2011) health and fitness retreat held at the beautiful seaside Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach resort in Southern California. PrimalCon is a total immersion weekend experience of expert-guided workouts, play, leisure, classroom education, camaraderie, and of course the extraordinary Primal feasts. PrimalCon welcomes participants of all fitness and experience levels with leveled exercise groups and strict efforts to ensure appropriate self-pacing all weekend.

The conference fee is $695, which includes all meals and a lavish goodie bag of apparel and other Primal gear. But register by July 31 and you’ll receive a special $100 early-bird discount. To ensure an intimate experience and direct engagement (on and off the record!) with me and our other presenters, slots are limited to the first 100 registrants. You’ll book accommodations directly with hotel ($159-$225/night).

primalcon2011 540x100 banner
29 Jun

Testosterone: Not So Manly After All?

flexLast week’s primer on testosterone garnered a ton of responses, mostly positive, but there appeared to be a bit of confusion regarding testosterone’s role in the female body. Namely, folks seemed to think I was suggesting it played almost no role at all! I tried to be as clear as possible – testosterone is an absolutely vital hormone for women – but I’ll try to be clearer. There’s just that niggling, pervasive stigma of testosterone as the sole hormonal realm of big burly men with bulging muscles, and I guess it’s hard to shake, even for my enlightened readership. Perhaps it’s because we’ve been subject to years of simplistic, substandard health and nutrition advice, black-and-white proclamations that attempt to describe the complex inner workings of the human body with a few sentences.

Fat is bad! Whole grains good! Men make testosterone! Women make estrogen!

29 Jun

Mark’s Daily Apple iPhone App Now Available

Just a quick announcement before today’s regularly scheduled blog post… Mark’s Daily Apple now has an iPhone app! Mark’s Daily Apple blog posts, YouTube videos and Twitter tweets are all packed into this app.

This app also has a geo-tagged “ChatWall” feature that allows users to communicate with other users in their area. Looking for some Ultimate Frisbee partners or planning a Primal dinner party meet-up? Throw up a comment on the ChatWall and connect with Groks in your own hometown.

This app (just like the Android version) is free. You can learn more here.

Here are few screenshots from the app.

28 Jun

Dear Mark: Curbing Compulsive Eating

questionmarksoupLiving the Primal Blueprint is all about taking ownership of your health and everyday choices. A lot of readers tell me that once they had made the commitment and jumped in with both feet they enjoyed a sense of control and peace with both their health and physical selves that they’d missed for years. For some of us Primal types, this experience might come fairly easily. Others’ journeys require more. For those with disordered eating backgrounds, food itself (not simply food choices) is riddled with a myriad of baggage. One reader raised the issue in response to my Ask Me Anything post a couple weeks ago. A few community members weighed in with their follow up inquiries and tips, but I thought I’d take up the question for this week’s Dear Mark.

27 Jun

Weekend Link Love

weekend link loveFrom Live Science, scientists have engineered a new kind of vegetable oil. Apparently you can put it in your body or in your car. Those are pretty much the same, right?

As American as squeezable cheese and marshmallow fluff… Take a tour of the American ethnic section.

Does fasting play tricks on the mind? Yes, yes it does. But in a good way. Read this PubMed abstract about short term fasting and neuronal autophagy.

Richard Nikoley doesn’t care too much for Vibrams. Before you shake your bare-toed foot-fist in anger, read Richard’s opinion of Vibram alternatives.

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