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28 Mar

1,000 Posts!

fireworksThat’s right. We’ve posted our one-thousandth blog post! (Actually, 1,065. We were so busy writing one-thousand sort of came and went without us even noticing.) We would like to use this as an opportunity to thank all of our readers for enjoying the ride with us. (Thank you!) It has been a labor of love – one we hope to continue for many more thousands of posts.

We’d also like to take this occasion to revisit all of the things we’ve been ranting about. Since October ’06 we have covered everything from diabetes and the American healthcare system to fats, food, and fitness. View the Best Of and Most Popular Posts to reminisce, and check out some of our personal favorites if you are looking for even more nostalgia:

27 Mar

Cheap Meat Round II: “Thrift Cuts”

Dear Mark: Cheap Meat? really stirred up a good discussion this week. One particular comment, from reader Anna, was so great we thought we’d publish it (with her permission of course!) as an outright blog post for all of our readers to enjoy. Check out Anna’s blog for more of her Against the Grain opinions. Thanks, Anna!

27 Mar

Smart Fuel: Goji Berries

goji1Also know as lycium barbarum, lyceum fruit, fructus lycii, wolfberry and gou qi zi, type Goji berries into a search engine and your computer screen will quickly fill with warnings about how not to be scammed by this fruit.

A fruit con artist? We were intrigued…

But before we dig into the sordid world of Goji berries, let’s first learn a little more about them:

26 Mar

Eat This Today, Feel Better Tomorrow: Special Occasions

Let’s face it. While we may enjoy our day-to-day diet choices, thank you very much, it can seem a little daunting to plan a dinner party, anniversary dinner, cocktail hour, or other special occasion when not everyone shares those choices. Before you break out the French bread, cocktail crackers and buttered fingerling potatoes, here are a few easy alternatives that might satisfy the entire crowd, including you, the host/hostess. No more sitting out at your own party.

26 Mar

A New Future for Foodie Culture?

mariobataliWhen you hear the words “foodie culture,” what comes to mind? Connoisseurs of all things delectable? Elaborate multi-course meals? Diabetes, obesity, and heart disease? Turns out an increasing number in the upper echelon of foodie culture are changing their indulgent ways and shaking up the foodie landscape. A New York Times article this week follows the story of eGullet forum founder and current blog author for “OffTheBroiler.” Mr. Perlow tipped the scale at 400 pounds and had a watershed moment in the doctor’s office when a physician told him he’d be dead in five years.

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