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27 Mar

10 New Primal Blueprint Books (Plus a Prize Package Giveaway)

Primal Blueprint Books

As I mentioned back in my New Year’s postPrimal Blueprint Publishing has launched, and my team and I are on a mission to change lives, one book at a time!

Last month, we released Mira and Jayson Calton’s Rich Food, Poor Food, and early reader feedback has been incredibly positive. With ten more books either nearing release or in development and with many of you emailing me asking for details, I thought I’d take a moment to share with you what I have in the pipeline. Whether you’re just starting or are a Primal veteran, I think there’s something here for everyone.

Prize Package Giveaway

I’d love to hear what you think. In the comment board below, let me know which of the ten books below you’re most excited about and why, and tell me your idea(s) for a book you think Primal Blueprint Publishing needs to publish. Do those two things and you’ll be entered to win all eight Primal Blueprint books pictured to the right. The lucky winner will be chosen at random. This contest ends at 11:59 pm, Thursday, Mar. 28. Many thanks to everyone that shares their thoughts and, in so doing, helps me make better books for you.

First up, a look at the books with 2013 release dates:

The Hidden Plague, by Tara Grant. This book is for sufferers of Hidradenitis supprativa, a painful skin condition that is poorly understood by the mainstream medical community and strongly associated with the Standard American Diet. Tara suffered for decades before taking matters into her own hands, modifying her diet, and curing herself. There are an estimated 12 million sufferers of this condition in the USA, with many of them unaware of their condition. Tara provides a field guide to managing and overcoming this disease using evolutionary health principles.

Primal Cravings, by Megan and Brandon Keatley. Well the title says it all here! Welcome back all the comfort foods that you’ve disciplined yourself to avoid in pursuit of Primal/paleo dietary principles. This creative, beautifully photographed book is the work of Brandon and Megan Keatley, Crossfit trainers in South Carolina who have dabbled and experimented and reclaimed some of the most indulgent foods you can imagine as Primal/paleo approved! See for yourself, starting with the delicious burger on the cover!

Paleo Primer. This book from the British couple Keris Marsden and Matt Whitmore sets forth the Primal/paleo living principles in a fun, simple manner, making it a great book to introduce newcomers to the movement. It’s filled with creative and delicious recipes, and memorable, humorous cartoons that capture the essence of Primal/paleo living at a glance.

Upcoming Projects

Here’s a look at some exciting projects in development for 2014 release:

Death by Food Pyramid, by Denise Minger. Denise has done numerous guests posts on MDA (Will Eating Whole Grains Help You Live Longer?, Will Eating Red Meat Kill You?), and has her own avid following at her Raw Food SOS blog. Denise has been hard at work for a great many months now on an exquisitely researched expose on how “Shoddy Science, Sketchy Politics, and Shady Special Interest Groups Have Conspired to Ruin the Health of America”,  and what you can do to avoid succumbing to such bad influences. She absolutely skewers the bestseller The China Study for their flawed data collection and distorted conclusions, and generally goes to great lengths to set the record straight about the flawed conventional wisdom we have been fed our entire lives.

The South Asian Solution, by Dr. Ronesh Sinha. Dr. Ron, an internal medicine specialist in Los Altos, CA, is doing some great stuff in the Bay Area, treating high risk South Asian patients and Silicon Valley employees with unique solutions that respect the evolutionary health model. South Asians, who are mostly Asian Indians, are one of the most insulin resistant ethnic groups on the planet, with rampant diabetes and early heart disease. His approach has successfully engaged and motivated South Asians to improve their health and reduce their risk while still respecting their cultural lifestyle preferences.

Primal Pregnancy, by Michele Blackwell, MD: This respected Ob/Gyn from Webster, Texas provides a detailed manual for a healthy and successfully pregnancy and childbirth, with a focus on integrating modern medical advice while still adhering to Primal living principles. Dr. Michele will cover a wide range of topics, including fertility, successful conception, all the trimesters, a healthy birth, nursing, and recovering your old self by the time the little one’s first steps are taken.

The Primal Prescription. In this hard-hitting expose on America’s dysfunctional health care system, Dr. Doug McGuff, fitness author and emergency physician from Seneca, South Carolina details how we came to spend over 7 trillion dollars per year on health care, yet rank 49th world wide for health outcomes and life expectancy. Dr. McGuff uses the concept of “signal disruption” to demonstrate how top-down controls have created an unholy alliance between the Government, Big Pharma, Big Agra, and Medical providers to create the ultimate “sick care system”. You will see how government intervention allows Big Agra to create the diseases that Big Pharma produces drugs for, so that doctors can “manage” your illness, so that you can stay just well enough to remain addicted to what made you sick in the first place. Having detailed the road to health care serfdom, Doug will show you the way out. By focusing on yourself and applying Primal lifestyle, dietary and exercise principles you will learn how to extract yourself from the belly of the beast, and enjoy the vibrant health that is your birthright.

Primal Woman, by Carrie Sisson. As I hinted at in a recent post, Carrie is shaping a story that touches on subjects of her particular interest and expertise: aging gracefully, dealing with empty nest syndrome, sorting through misinformation about menopause and hormones that women are subjected to, and fine-tuning the Primal living style from a female perspective. Carrie has a degree in Spiritual Psychology and injects a mystical, spiritual element to some of the everyday topics at hand. I can’t wait to read this! (Nope, I’m not even allowed a peek just yet…).

Perfect Balance, a Primal Approach to Overcoming Negativity with Food, Dieting, and Body Image, by Emily Deans, MD. Dr. Deans is a Massachusetts psychiatrist who explores the causes behind out modern obsession with and, for many, dysfunctional relationship with food. By hormonally, psychologically, and metabolically disengaging from processed food dependency, those who struggle with food issues have a better chance to heal from the psychological factors that contribute to their condition. Perfect Balance helps the reader eat and enjoy great, wholesome, natural foods without trending into a neurotic need to adhere to a Primal or paleo-style diet.

Primal Endurance, by Mark Sisson. Yep, I’m going back to my roots, this time to tell enthusiasts who insist on pursuing extreme endurance goals how to do it right! First and foremost is how to “go long” in training and racing without being a carb addict. Yep, it’s possible to be a high-functioning endurance machine when you become truly fat and keto-adapted. This refreshing concept is raising interest in the staid endurance community, as folks like Ben Greenfield, Dr.’s Phinney and Volek in The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance, and even the world’s foremost endurance exercise physiologist, Dr. Timothy Noakes of South Africa, are out on the cutting edge spreading the word.

Primal Blueprint Publishing

Author Services

I’ve partnered with my old friend Matthew Bennett to provide support to both aspiring authors who want to bring their dream and their story to life, as well as authors who have their manuscript and want to market and sell it effectively. Matthew is a respected coach and lecturer for authors, and a master of creative marketing methods that identify niche volume buyers for your work. Matthew and I are in development with author support products right now, but we want to hear from you in order to present the services and materials that are of most interest. If you are an aspiring author, or have a manuscript that you wish to sell and promote, please take some time to complete the comment form at this Author Services link.


My team and I are always on the lookout for detailed book proposals or completed manuscripts that promote well being from an evolutionary health perspective. Visit this page for details on how to engage with us about your masterpiece.

Don’t Forget to Share Your Thoughts Below for a Chance to Win a Primal Blueprint Book Prize Package (See Details Above)

You want comments? We got comments:

Imagine you’re George Clooney. Take a moment to admire your grooming and wit. Okay, now imagine someone walks up to you and asks, “What’s your name?” You say, “I’m George Clooney.” Or maybe you say, “I’m the Clooninator!” You don’t say “I’m George of George Clooney Sells Movies Blog” and you certainly don’t say, “I’m Clooney Weight Loss Plan”. So while spam is technically meat, it ain’t anywhere near Primal. Please nickname yourself something your friends would call you.

  1. Here’s my interest, in order, by author:
    1) Dr. Deans
    2) Dr. McGuff
    3) Ms. Minger

    As for the future, I would love to see something on the gut microbiome and hormone balance/boost for men with aging.

    Steve L wrote on March 29th, 2013
  2. I will more than likely read them all. The sad thing…the people who need to read all these, won’t. I’m talking about my sister. She is a Registered Dietitian with a specialty in diabetic education. She and I go around and around when it comes to lifestyle. She is ‘hard-core conventional wisdom’ and won’t listen to a word I say. I keep telling her if she would just read your book, she would change her way of thinking. She is brainwashed! She spends every single evening (for at least 2 hours) on the damn treadmill. She’s wasting her life in more ways than one and it kills me to see her doing it! Sorry for the rant. We all deal with brainwashed individuals every where we go. I work in the medical field and do all that I can to spread the word to my patients. I’m constantly handing over the Primal info. I should have a business card made especially for this!

    Stacie wrote on March 30th, 2013
  3. Most excited by primal pregnancy. Our first pregnancy was on a SAD diet, second on primal. Guess which was easier? Also excited about primal phx and dbfp.
    I would love to see a book on primal tooth care. With how much mda-ers are against mainstream medicine I am very surprised by the lack of interest in this forum on the subject. Grok definitely didn’t have his teeth drilled and filled twice a year. My good friend is a dental hygienist and believe me dentists are bigger scammers than doctors.
    This book would lay out the collusion between dentists and sugar and grain industries, tell me how best to take care of my own teeth after growing up on a SAD diet and how to make sure my kids have teeth like Grok! (its a popular misconception that HG’s had/have poor teeth. But archeological evidence has shown that along with smaller brains and bodies grains also led to much worse teeth, surprise surprise)

    Gino wrote on March 30th, 2013
  4. I would like to read all the books!
    I would like to see a book dealing with food allergies.

    Pat wrote on March 30th, 2013
  5. I feel that, for me, Perfect Balance would provide the most beneficial and interesting read. My relationships with my body and my food to date have been somewhat of a roller coaster. Sounds like my own thoughts here are being validated, as I’ve noticed a drastic change in body image since my primal journey began. I’d also love to pass it on to the many women in my family and friend circles who struggle with their ‘diets’ and the perception of their bodies.

    What I would like to see, or would like to discuss even, is the primal experience of youth. It can be incredibly hard to be a young person and stay on the primal path when what is expected of you is to go out and party and live almost the opposite.

    Katia Jade wrote on March 31st, 2013
  6. It’s hard to choose, but as an older mom (mum) of 17 and 19 year old daughters who is just starting out in the primal way, Primal Woman sounds very appealing. After only a month, I’m thrilled and excited to have found this amazing way of life and am already so happy with the changes that are occurring. Attention to specific feminine needs would be ever better.

    Looking back on my family’s diet as the kids grew up, I can now see many areas where I could have done so much better; despite good intentions, The book I would love to see is one specifically for primal children. Delicious school lunches, not eaten for so long after preparation, without the support of muesli bars and juice boxes (the Australian standard) are a challenge. Any book emphasizing kid friendly food which got them on board the paleo lifestyle from the beginning, would be awesome.

    Kazz wrote on March 31st, 2013
  7. I know I missed the contest but would like to make a suggestion. I agree with many of the posts on the site and suggest – Primal At Any Age. As a mom it’s hard enough to go primal especially when dealing with menopause. I need to know how to help my kids go primal as well and that seems tricky. My kids range in age from 6-11 and don’t know how to address it (especially in the cafeteria as mentioned above). I’d also like to help my 70-year old mom go primal. A book that helps navigate through these different time periods (and includes supplement information for the corresponding age group) would be very helpful.

    Julie wrote on March 31st, 2013
  8. I can’t wait for Primal Endurance (this would have been my recommendation for a title). Will it be available in South Africa? I starting incorporating Primal aspects into my lifestyle this year and although I cheat now and then, I am fully in control. This past weekend I ran my PB for a half marathon with zero carbo loading. Thanks for all the great work!

    Bryan wrote on April 1st, 2013
  9. I am looking forward to the Paleo Primer. It looks interesting

    Robin Bednarek wrote on April 1st, 2013
  10. Thank u, mark, for all ur very valuable work!

    I have been mostly primal for almost 2 years now. I’ve lost over 70 lbs & most of my cravings for carbs! What a relief!

    The book I am most interested in is Primal Woman as its focus seems to coincide w my own. I think as an older woman, it’s become more & more obvious to me that eating cleanly is especially important as we age. The effects of the SAD accumulate. Strong constitutions can hold up for years eating poorly. But somewhere in their 40’s or 50’s, even the strongest start to succumb.

    Denise wrote on April 1st, 2013
  11. I’m so excited to see Primal Pregnancy. I’m an international board certified lactation consultant and especially interested in what she’ll have to say about breastfeeding and a primal lifestyle.

    I would like to see a book about mothering and primal lifestyle. How to raise your kids primal, how to help your kids stay true to your lifestyle in a sugar-laden, fast food obsessed culture, how to deal with criticism from health professionals, etc.

    Sara wrote on April 2nd, 2013
  12. I’ve read reviews and excerpts from Rich Food, Poor Food. I would like the chance to get a copy.

    Renee S. wrote on April 2nd, 2013
  13. All the books sound good!

    I’d love to see some books from beyond the food end of primal a bit more too. Maybe some MovNat type stuff!

    Noctiluca wrote on April 2nd, 2013
  14. Wow, I’m really looking forward to reading both Doug McGuff’s The Primal Prescription and Death by Food Pyramid, by Denise Minger. I continually get asked about why I would choose to eat Paleo and these types of books only help me continue to build a solid case for my diet choices. Thanks!!!

    Todd wrote on April 2nd, 2013
  15. Death by Food Pyramid sounds awesome! I am in contact with a dietitian friend and she’s always talking about that garbage and how that’s the way it should be. She’s supportive of the paleo lifestyle, but she’s got that pyramid stuff ingrained in her brain!

    Helen wrote on April 2nd, 2013
  16. Looking forward to Primal Endurance – I just have this hunger to explore the natural world around me. My favorite summer activity as a kid was to run through the woods where there were no paths.
    I want the Primal Pregnancy for my Daughters and Daughter-In-Law – It’s difficult as an “Old Guy” to convince my kids that Primal and barefoot is the way to go. I’m Old (to them) so I figured if I can change at age 47 I would be an inspiration to them, (insert laughing here) apparently not!
    As for books I’d like to see a primer on moving naturally as in the Mov Nat web site.
    I think Primal thinking and Mov Nat compliment each other nicely.

    Joe wrote on April 3rd, 2013
  17. Primal Prescription is a must read! I have pretty much come to the same conclusions as Dr. Doug McGuff. I’d be extremely interested in reading his work.

    Meagan wrote on April 3rd, 2013
  18. I have been waiting for Tara’s book The Hidden Plague to come out. I am looking forward to it.

    Anna wrote on April 4th, 2013
  19. Primal Endurance !! I am looking forward to this book. As an endurance paddler (stand up ) i am very unsure of my diet…. pre, during and post when doing a long race. I will be Paddling from Molokai to Oahu in Hawaii and it takes about 6 to 7 hours . It’s 32 miles however it will be done as a 2 man team which means half the time I’ll be on the escort boat waiting for my turn. Any advise will be appreciated.



    Scott A wrote on April 4th, 2013
  20. I’m excited about Primal Cravings and Primal Pregnancy. I love cookbooks, and as a woman who hopes to find a career supporting mothers and children, I’m excited to see a book that specifically addresses the nutritional needs of both.

    As far as an idea for a new book, I guess my input would be to just incorporate more of an emphasis on fermented foods in general in the cookbooks that are coming out. Grok ate dirt and microbes that were on his food, and by eating traditionally fermented foods we can hopefully re-create the benefits of these foods in the modern world.

    Cierra wrote on May 10th, 2013
  21. I can’t wait for Tara Grant’s ‘Hidden Plague’ to be released as I’m very new to the Paleo diet and have suffered withy HS for nearly twenty years.

    Sue Lintott wrote on August 12th, 2013
  22. My name is Courtney. I’m a nerd I love to read. I have HS. I need these books!

    Courtney wrote on August 24th, 2013
  23. I’d really like to read all of them as health/ cooking/ gardening/ nutrition employ much of my time, energy and resources for both myself and others, but since I’ve dealt with skin issues since I was a few months old and got my first (and only) set of vaccinations, I’d really like to read “The Hidden Plague.”

    Ariel C. McGlothin wrote on December 1st, 2013
  24. Do these books have any advice pertaining to migraines and their causes? I get MSG-induced migraines, so I’m OK for at least two months at a time if I avoid MSG-laden foods. However, even when I’m being very careful, I still get a migraine here and there and can, at the moment, only attribute the cause to stress. Any advice on the Paleo front about migraine causes and treatments? Thanks!

    Halina wrote on January 12th, 2014
  25. Decisions, decisions; I want to read all of the books. In particular I would choose “Primal Difference”. Food played a big role in my life as a child. It was used to comfort and reward. So here I am as an adult recognizing the fact that my favorite foods are not friends to my body. It will be helpful to read the thoughts and words of guidance by Dr. Dean.

    Pat Wilson wrote on January 12th, 2014
  26. Like the list a lot. Does anyone know when the Primal Pregnancy book is going to be released. Also I just finished the Primal Connection and the book was awesome.

    Tyson wrote on December 17th, 2014
  27. Just wondering if the Primal Pregnancy by Michele Blackwell has been released? Would love to buy it, just can’t seem to find it.

    Jenny wrote on April 22nd, 2016
    • It hasn’t been released yet, but stay tuned for any updates!

      Mark Sisson wrote on April 22nd, 2016

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