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27 Mar

10 New Primal Blueprint Books (Plus a Prize Package Giveaway)

Primal Blueprint Books

As I mentioned back in my New Year’s postPrimal Blueprint Publishing has launched, and my team and I are on a mission to change lives, one book at a time!

Last month, we released Mira and Jayson Calton’s Rich Food, Poor Food, and early reader feedback has been incredibly positive. With ten more books either nearing release or in development and with many of you emailing me asking for details, I thought I’d take a moment to share with you what I have in the pipeline. Whether you’re just starting or are a Primal veteran, I think there’s something here for everyone.

Prize Package Giveaway

I’d love to hear what you think. In the comment board below, let me know which of the ten books below you’re most excited about and why, and tell me your idea(s) for a book you think Primal Blueprint Publishing needs to publish. Do those two things and you’ll be entered to win all eight Primal Blueprint books pictured to the right. The lucky winner will be chosen at random. This contest ends at 11:59 pm, Thursday, Mar. 28. Many thanks to everyone that shares their thoughts and, in so doing, helps me make better books for you.

First up, a look at the books with 2013 release dates:

The Hidden Plague, by Tara Grant. This book is for sufferers of Hidradenitis supprativa, a painful skin condition that is poorly understood by the mainstream medical community and strongly associated with the Standard American Diet. Tara suffered for decades before taking matters into her own hands, modifying her diet, and curing herself. There are an estimated 12 million sufferers of this condition in the USA, with many of them unaware of their condition. Tara provides a field guide to managing and overcoming this disease using evolutionary health principles.

Primal Cravings, by Megan and Brandon Keatley. Well the title says it all here! Welcome back all the comfort foods that you’ve disciplined yourself to avoid in pursuit of Primal/paleo dietary principles. This creative, beautifully photographed book is the work of Brandon and Megan Keatley, Crossfit trainers in South Carolina who have dabbled and experimented and reclaimed some of the most indulgent foods you can imagine as Primal/paleo approved! See for yourself, starting with the delicious burger on the cover!

Paleo Primer. This book from the British couple Keris Marsden and Matt Whitmore sets forth the Primal/paleo living principles in a fun, simple manner, making it a great book to introduce newcomers to the movement. It’s filled with creative and delicious recipes, and memorable, humorous cartoons that capture the essence of Primal/paleo living at a glance.

Upcoming Projects

Here’s a look at some exciting projects in development for 2014 release:

Death by Food Pyramid, by Denise Minger. Denise has done numerous guests posts on MDA (Will Eating Whole Grains Help You Live Longer?, Will Eating Red Meat Kill You?), and has her own avid following at her Raw Food SOS blog. Denise has been hard at work for a great many months now on an exquisitely researched expose on how “Shoddy Science, Sketchy Politics, and Shady Special Interest Groups Have Conspired to Ruin the Health of America”,  and what you can do to avoid succumbing to such bad influences. She absolutely skewers the bestseller The China Study for their flawed data collection and distorted conclusions, and generally goes to great lengths to set the record straight about the flawed conventional wisdom we have been fed our entire lives.

The South Asian Solution, by Dr. Ronesh Sinha. Dr. Ron, an internal medicine specialist in Los Altos, CA, is doing some great stuff in the Bay Area, treating high risk South Asian patients and Silicon Valley employees with unique solutions that respect the evolutionary health model. South Asians, who are mostly Asian Indians, are one of the most insulin resistant ethnic groups on the planet, with rampant diabetes and early heart disease. His approach has successfully engaged and motivated South Asians to improve their health and reduce their risk while still respecting their cultural lifestyle preferences.

Primal Pregnancy, by Michele Blackwell, MD: This respected Ob/Gyn from Webster, Texas provides a detailed manual for a healthy and successfully pregnancy and childbirth, with a focus on integrating modern medical advice while still adhering to Primal living principles. Dr. Michele will cover a wide range of topics, including fertility, successful conception, all the trimesters, a healthy birth, nursing, and recovering your old self by the time the little one’s first steps are taken.

The Primal Prescription. In this hard-hitting expose on America’s dysfunctional health care system, Dr. Doug McGuff, fitness author and emergency physician from Seneca, South Carolina details how we came to spend over 7 trillion dollars per year on health care, yet rank 49th world wide for health outcomes and life expectancy. Dr. McGuff uses the concept of “signal disruption” to demonstrate how top-down controls have created an unholy alliance between the Government, Big Pharma, Big Agra, and Medical providers to create the ultimate “sick care system”. You will see how government intervention allows Big Agra to create the diseases that Big Pharma produces drugs for, so that doctors can “manage” your illness, so that you can stay just well enough to remain addicted to what made you sick in the first place. Having detailed the road to health care serfdom, Doug will show you the way out. By focusing on yourself and applying Primal lifestyle, dietary and exercise principles you will learn how to extract yourself from the belly of the beast, and enjoy the vibrant health that is your birthright.

Primal Woman, by Carrie Sisson. As I hinted at in a recent post, Carrie is shaping a story that touches on subjects of her particular interest and expertise: aging gracefully, dealing with empty nest syndrome, sorting through misinformation about menopause and hormones that women are subjected to, and fine-tuning the Primal living style from a female perspective. Carrie has a degree in Spiritual Psychology and injects a mystical, spiritual element to some of the everyday topics at hand. I can’t wait to read this! (Nope, I’m not even allowed a peek just yet…).

Perfect Balance, a Primal Approach to Overcoming Negativity with Food, Dieting, and Body Image, by Emily Deans, MD. Dr. Deans is a Massachusetts psychiatrist who explores the causes behind out modern obsession with and, for many, dysfunctional relationship with food. By hormonally, psychologically, and metabolically disengaging from processed food dependency, those who struggle with food issues have a better chance to heal from the psychological factors that contribute to their condition. Perfect Balance helps the reader eat and enjoy great, wholesome, natural foods without trending into a neurotic need to adhere to a Primal or paleo-style diet.

Primal Endurance, by Mark Sisson. Yep, I’m going back to my roots, this time to tell enthusiasts who insist on pursuing extreme endurance goals how to do it right! First and foremost is how to “go long” in training and racing without being a carb addict. Yep, it’s possible to be a high-functioning endurance machine when you become truly fat and keto-adapted. This refreshing concept is raising interest in the staid endurance community, as folks like Ben Greenfield, Dr.’s Phinney and Volek in The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance, and even the world’s foremost endurance exercise physiologist, Dr. Timothy Noakes of South Africa, are out on the cutting edge spreading the word.

Primal Blueprint Publishing

Author Services

I’ve partnered with my old friend Matthew Bennett to provide support to both aspiring authors who want to bring their dream and their story to life, as well as authors who have their manuscript and want to market and sell it effectively. Matthew is a respected coach and lecturer for authors, and a master of creative marketing methods that identify niche volume buyers for your work. Matthew and I are in development with author support products right now, but we want to hear from you in order to present the services and materials that are of most interest. If you are an aspiring author, or have a manuscript that you wish to sell and promote, please take some time to complete the comment form at this Author Services link.


My team and I are always on the lookout for detailed book proposals or completed manuscripts that promote well being from an evolutionary health perspective. Visit this page for details on how to engage with us about your masterpiece.

Don’t Forget to Share Your Thoughts Below for a Chance to Win a Primal Blueprint Book Prize Package (See Details Above)

You want comments? We got comments:

Imagine you’re George Clooney. Take a moment to admire your grooming and wit. Okay, now imagine someone walks up to you and asks, “What’s your name?” You say, “I’m George Clooney.” Or maybe you say, “I’m the Clooninator!” You don’t say “I’m George of George Clooney Sells Movies Blog” and you certainly don’t say, “I’m Clooney Weight Loss Plan”. So while spam is technically meat, it ain’t anywhere near Primal. Please nickname yourself something your friends would call you.

  1. I really want to read Perfect Balance. Even after 2.5+ years eating this way, I still struggle with emotional eating issues.

    Julie wrote on March 28th, 2013
  2. I am most excited about or Rich Foods, Poor Foods. I am just beginning the primal journey and need help with knowing which foods are taboo, which foods are less desireable, and balance of how much of acceptable foods to each of protein vs. plant. I get confused between plant foods that are taboo and those that are acceptable and why. I’m having trouble revamping my thinking.

    Diana M. wrote on March 28th, 2013
  3. I’m probably most excited to see Primal Cravings but honestly it’s difficult to choose. I chose that one though because in my family, probably like many others, everyone is on varying degrees of committedness to primal living. Some treat it like a diet only, and do it reluctantly, and others try to embrace the whole lifestyle. For those in my house that still see this as a “diet”, I think book like this will help them relax in the realm of food more, so hopefully they can look on to other aspects of the lifestyle.

    I’d like to see a short tips and tricks book done. Perhaps excerpts from leaders in the Primal Movement from all over on how they stay motivated, what they eat in a week, what personal exercises they do, what challenges they face (all that good stuff). It could be called something like Primal and Paleo Rockstars: Backstage Pass. Hey maybe I should write this one! Ha!

    Rob wrote on March 28th, 2013
  4. I definitely would like to see “Primal Cravings” and “Primal Prescriptions”.
    Also, as an idea for a book, would like to see one on simple instructions on choosing and cooking meats, as well as some good substitutes for meat.
    I know I need good protein, but don’t like to eat the raw meat that I’ve had to handle and cook, and therefore haven’t learned to cook it well. As a result I eat out more and am concerned I’m getting more of the hidden bad ingredients I should avoid.

    Sharon Peters wrote on March 28th, 2013
  5. I am most interested in Primal Woman – aging gracefully, dealing with empty nest syndrome, sorting through misinformation about menopause and hormones that women are subjected to, and fine-tuning the Primal living style from a female perspective. All sounds amazing and exactly where I am in life at the moment.

    Would love to read them all. Would like to read a book about primal lifestyle – living with less, decluttering, living in smaller houses..being more in touch with the environment.

    Jan wrote on March 28th, 2013
  6. let me know which of the ten books below you’re most excited about:

    The Primal connection has been the best, really ties it together in area that the rest of us needed to hear…great read!

    your idea(s) for a book you think Primal Blueprint Publishing needs to publish:

    How about in the thoughts of “Kaizen” a ctivity a day calendar. Every morning I could read ( like your blog) about what small change i could make and 365 days later I would be a better person

    Thanks for all of it

    Drew Holmes wrote on March 28th, 2013
  7. I am most excited about “Death by Food Pyramid”. I love these books that attack the status quo. Additionally, as for a future read I think I would like to see a book on primal child care, which close to my next stage in life with my wife.

    Chris wrote on March 28th, 2013
  8. I think Primal Cravings looks like fun, and Primal Woman could contain a lot of worthwhile information if it’s done well (which I’m assuming it will be!).

    I am looking forward to reading rich food poor food, too.

    primalbydesign wrote on March 28th, 2013
  9. Perfect Balance sounds like a book my fiance and I would benefit from reading, because I think I still have an unhealthy obsession with food. What to eat, when to eat, how to eat it! It doesn’t help I’m an amateur Kickboxer, and I always think I’m on to something about my diet that will get me that extra 10% I always think I need, in terms of energy and overall efficiency.

    I think a book about the primal “outdoors” would be great! Really primal approaches to camping and even long-term stays in the great outdoors. Something with lots of tips and tricks to help even the most slick of city dwellers thrive in mother nature, and enjoy being away from the noise of cars and crowds!

    Liz H-M wrote on March 28th, 2013
  10. Oh my! If I had to pick just one, I would probably go with Primal Woman. No, wait! Primal Cravings. I truly can not decide.

    I’ve just recently entered the wonderful world of menopause. Yea me! And I, of course, struggle with cravings every day.

    My suggestion for a new book would be a cook book/planning book to help the crazy, busy people of the world to prep and plan their meals ahead of time for each week. I’ve considered this time and time again on Sundays and I have gone as far as making 2 dinners on Sunday and just eating leftovers every other night.

    TinaM wrote on March 28th, 2013
  11. Primal Woman gets my vote, though Primal Prescription is a biggie, as well. I have long been intrigued by the mind-body connection, as well as the secrets of aging with vigor and beauty. I have only been primal for about 10 days, and finding proper foods has been the first challenge. Eschewing sweet tea is another. I am deeply interested in reducing or eradicating inflammation and pain in joints, which was my original reason for trying this life plan. I am 69. I swim a mile three days a week, ride my horse rather vigorously three days (my horsey friends and I play broom polo and other games). I plan to continue these activities another 30 years. My husband is a Type 1 diabetic (64 years!). He looks askance at my diet, but goes along out of love and support. My greatest need right now is a fabulous easy-breakfast book. Something to pierce the sleep-slogged brain and get me started in the early morning! Thanks!

    Peg wrote on March 28th, 2013
  12. I want to read The Hidden Plague by Tara Grant. HS is an terrible condition with very little information out about it because nobody wants to talk about it! Thank goodness for Tara! She’s given out SO much good advice and information regarding HS, and I want to read even more in her new book.

    AKM wrote on March 28th, 2013
  13. I’m most looking forward to “Primal Pregnancy.” I’m in my 3rd trimester and throughout my pregnancy I’ve looked for primal-centered pregnancy books but have not found any. Mostly, there’s just few articles that touch on subjects here and there (and mostly from this blog!). I belong to a few primal/paleo pregnancy groups on Facebook and those women have echoed the same sentiment. I’m looking forward to reading this book for my next pregnancy!

    Jen wrote on March 28th, 2013
  14. Can’t wait for Primal Pregnancy!

    Christy wrote on March 28th, 2013
  15. I’m very excited for Primal Endurance. As a distance runner, I still struggle sometimes with primal fueling strategies on longer runs and races. Keep up the great work Mark!

    Eric wrote on March 28th, 2013
  16. (I’ve only made it through the first 10 pages of comments — I was *delighted* when I arrived and saw 46 pages! BRAVO Mark and team! talk about hitting a nerve with the world! But now I have to run out to the Y for water aerobics, so I’ll have to finish reading later!)

    I wanted to add my own choice: Doug McGuff’s book is first on my list. His “Body By Science” is so fantastically helpful and effective, that anything he writes, I’ll buy! Cravings, Woman, — just about all of them (except endurance and kids — neither applies to me) would come next!

    I love the idea of Primal/paleo/low carb books for ‘older folks’ — both conversion to Primal and how to carry on.

    I recommend a series of *short* books for autoimmune-burdened folks; maybe 40 to 60 pages each (soft-cover) such as: Primal Thyroid and Adrenals, Primal Arthritis, Primal MS, Primal Acne/Skin, Primal IBS/Gut, etc. Having a standard format,a writer’s template for the series (say: the underlying science (and where to go look for more), where to start, some “first-up go-to and no-go” foods, what to expect as you transition, with specifically applicable success stories interspersed) would allow your writers, your specialists, to throw together a book without the months and months of labor and time-consuming work that a full-length book would require.

    That allows people with one or two problems to avoid a struggle through a long and detailed book on autoimmune diseases that don’t apply, or might not apply, or clearly aren’t involved. By having short (and cheaper) specific books, you can ‘lure’ suffering folks to come closer to your “tribal” campfire-of-illumination and get caught in the movement towards health. (And, of course, you can also sell an “autoimmune library” of the whole set… {wink} )

    Elenor wrote on March 28th, 2013
    • Love that idea! Primal Child, Primal Teen…
      Specific books for specific concerns.

      For now, it will have to be Primal Cravings as it is a challenge coming up with interesting things to eat without falling into a rut.

      Karen wrote on March 28th, 2013
  17. I’m looking most forward to “Primal Prescription.” While working through some hormone imbalance issues this past year, it has really become apparent to me how broken our healthcare system is. I was constantly amazed that conventional physicians never even considered dietary modification as a possible part of the solution.

    Sharon wrote on March 28th, 2013
  18. The books I am most looking forward to are Primal Cravings and Death by food pyramid. They both sound like great resources. As for other book ideas I don’t think there can ever be enough books helping transfer a family to the lifestyle especially with picky children.

    Nathan wrote on March 28th, 2013
  19. I would love to read Primal Pregnancy to learn more about my options when I decide to start having children (Perfect Balance is a close 2nd).

    I think a book about other primal ways of living besides the food we eat would be beneficial. For example, I hadn’t even thought about all the floor living Grok and his family did–now my husband and I eat dinner at out coffee table every evening. I also didn’t realize that squatting is a more natural position for childbirth–in the future when I’m ready to have kids this is something I can keep in mind. What are some other things we can incorporate in our life to live more primally? A previous poster mentioned a book about growing a vegetable garden. I love that idea as well.

    Jessica wrote on March 28th, 2013
  20. I would love to read the Primal Prescription! My mother in law has lived a life of hospitals, diseases (diabetes, ulcerative colitis…) TONS of medication, and weight gain and has come to the conclusion that this is “just how things are.” My husband and I have been primal for over a year now with great success but with no luck of convincing her this may be the answer. It wasn’t till last week when she ended up back in the hospital and finally decided maybe a change in diet was worth a try. Despite the lack of support by other family members, she has been going strong ever since. We are very proud of her and any books the three of us can read together would be a blessing and would hopefully help change her life! Knowledge is power! :)

    Lisa wrote on March 28th, 2013
  21. Primal Pregnancy interests me the most as I am trying to fall pregnant at the moment. I love eating primal, being a part of the primal community and having a primal lifestyle and I am looking forward to a book that covers pregnancy from conception to birth and beyond from a primal perspective. Our children are the future, imagine we can bring them up to see sugar as a negative influence and not in the glorified way most kids do now. It starts early. The revolution is coming. Big food brands beware we are questioning, seeking information, and getting to know finally what is right and good for our bodies.

    Anyways I would also like to see more information out there on the benefits of alkalizing! balancing our primal diets with alkalizing producing foods. There is very little research out there on this topic, its hard to even find any trials done on it and I think many still are unaware of the benefit but I know personally that when I balance the higher animal proteins of my primal diet with tons of nutritious, alkaline producing foods like greens I feel energized, alive and balanced.

    Well done on the publishing house I know how hard it was for you to get published initially and I think its amazing that you are providing a platform for primal knowledge to reach even more people. It will do so much for people to be exposed to the wonders of going PRIMAL.

    Jo wrote on March 28th, 2013
  22. I am most exciting about Primal Pregnancy. As my wife and I welcome a new one into the world, it is difficult to find good reading on the subject.

    And looking to the future, I would like to see a Bringing Up Primal book about how to raise children on a primal diet from newborn to adolescent, to what extent primal is beneficial to children, and activities (I won’t call them workouts) for children to maintain a healthy primal lifestyle.

    Joe S. wrote on March 28th, 2013
  23. I would love to read Primal Woman. I’ve been living Paleo since August but everything I’ve found about Paleo living seems geared for younger people. I am especially intrigued by the section on aging gracefully (I’m in my 70s) and hope there will be exercise guidelines for older people with worn-out knees :-)

    Nancy Meredith wrote on March 28th, 2013
  24. Look forward to Death by Food Pyramid, The South Asian Solution, Primal Pregnancy & Woman, find that these hit a wide and international audience and are tackling contemporary issues. Based in Hong Kong, hope you can ship here or let us know if you need support with distribution.

    Monica wrote on March 28th, 2013
  25. I would love to get my hands on Doug Mc Guff’s book Primal Prescription. I am a fan of his exercise techniques and videos of the same.

    I would most like to see a book addressing the issues of the “senior” population and the Primal diet and Exercise techniques. After years of eating the SAD way and being educated in the health and fitness of modern America, both my husband and I have had some serious health issues arise. His most recently was a quad bypass. Recipes to help reverse Syndrome X, diabetes, and other maladies that tend to affect older persons. I at the age of 60 can’t manage to do the movnat exercises that require crawling and hanging by my arms (arthritis from damage done from prescriptions steroids). Someone write this book before I have to! Just incase I do have to write it, I will research how to publish through your company.Thanks all of you guys with the wonderful site and recipes. Martha

    Martha G wrote on March 28th, 2013
  26. I’m interested in Primal Balance. I am very curious how much of the modern world’s anxiety is driven by modern lifestyle choices.

    I would like to see a book on tribal living in the modern world get published. I used to have a group of guys I’d go sit and talk with every week and since moving away from that town I haven’t had the same social circle. Ideas on how to build a “tribe” in the modern world would be awesome.

    Edmund wrote on March 28th, 2013
  27. Primal Pregnancy would be my choice as pregnancy is such an amazing stage which brings a new life into this beautiful world. However, In my region, pregnant mothers do not often care much about their health and so on. It also kills me to know the amount of *health food* which is claimed to be healthy by the government is actually the polar opposite. Many mothers opt for cows milk instead of their own and avoid meat products during pregnancy, and instead opting for grains and soy products.

    I would love to see a primal book concerning the formation of the body/bone structure and everything about the human body which can be affected by the food we consume and the lifestyle we adopt. (in detail)

    Nathan Goh wrote on March 28th, 2013
  28. I am excited!!!! Very excited to get my hands on Carrie’s book Primal Women!!! As a woman i have needs that are specific to…well, being a woman! Especially while going through menopause! The other thing I would like to see is more cold climate food and recipes! And more information on plateau’s. Thanks!!!

    Rachel Tomassone wrote on March 28th, 2013
  29. All of these books are very exciting to me. As a newby to all of this , I thirst for more information. I would be especially interested in Mark Sisson’s book “Primal Endurance”. I have aways thought that it would be of huge benefit to improve ones endurance by eating primal foods while training. It seems counter intuitive to be scarfing down high volume, low quality carbs to keep your muscles replenished when there has to be better simpler choices. Gu’s and jelly beans and other glorified bars and drinks are just junk. I have run over 30 marathons and would love to read more about how to improve performance optimally. It would be very interesting for me to hear what Tim Noakes has to say on all of this.

    Mari-Ann Keyser wrote on March 28th, 2013
  30. The Hidden Plague is the first book of these that I am looking forward to read. Being a 30 year sufferer of HS myself, and only recently finding Tara and her blog, I await this publication to see her whole view and gather some further help. I have already started eating Paleo and trying to find my own “trigger” foods – as I’ve discovered that mine are different from hers. I’ve seen a HUGE difference in my condition. Where I always had eruptions in 5 places at one time, I currently only have 2 eruptions. I await the day that I have none… and I hope that my body can finally start to heal some of the scars. Hope is what I find in this upcoming publication.

    Peg wrote on March 28th, 2013
  31. Looking forward to “Paleo primer”, a book that can get you started easily with all the basics would be great to have around.

    I would be interested in a book that can deal with all aspects of gaining weight(muscle), the principles and guidelines that can help you make your own workouts depending on the goals, example: bigger vs stronger vs more mobility.

    Cristian wrote on March 28th, 2013
  32. I would like to read and then share (with my family) Death by Food Pyramid. Many people still don’t buy into grains being bad.

    Jerry wrote on March 28th, 2013
  33. I’m most excited about Paleo Primer b/c I’m fairly new to the Paleo experience. I’m taking baby steps and seeing awesome improvements so far! I’m trying to educate myself so i can make the best decisions for myself and my family.

    Along those same lines, I would love to see a “Primal for Dummies” book b/c I’m all about simplifying information for those of us who are just starting to get the hang of this. Thanks for all you do, Mark!

    Amy from Ohio wrote on March 28th, 2013
  34. I would love to read Primal Pregnancy. Looking to start a family in the near future and would love to do it the healthiest way possible, which includes preparing my body prior to pregnancy. I’m an avid CrossFitter, married to an Affiliate, but sometimes you don’t always want to listen to your hubby, I’d rather read a book! ha
    I have older parents (73 and 70) and would love to give them the gift a healthier life at their age. They have always been active, raised 4 kids and are now starting to slow down. If there was a book that helped them “see the light” on Primal habits at an older age and offered a better way to live, I would def make them read it!

    Lori Capel wrote on March 28th, 2013
  35. Wow! I am new to Primal living and am very excited to read all the up coming books in 2013 & 2014. My life is changing for the better and I am so happy that I stumbled upon MDA and the primal way of life. (Was at a local book store stalking the diet section on what I should start next as all the other things haven’t done much good for my body. Lo and behold I find Primal Blueprint 101.)

    As I am a new member to primal living I am excited to read Primal Cravings, as I am still fighting those horrible cravings for all that crap that I have put into my body for way too many years. I am looking for innovative ways to make more primal/paleo recipes as I don’t want to get bored eating the same thing daily and go back to that SAD (literally) diet I have been following all my life.

    As for a book I would like to see published is “how to get started living the Primal Lifestyle” I would like to see shopping lists, menus, exercise for couch potatoes just getting started exercising and why the primal lifestyle is the way to go. I have read the Primal Blueprint but maybe a more condensed version of “How to get started” would draw more people to this healthy/happy way of life.

    Grok on!

    JMN119 wrote on March 28th, 2013
  36. I am excited about the Primal Pregnancy book. My wife and I are currently trying to conceive. I would be most interested in a children’s nutrition book that is based in evolution and deals with all the conflicting info out there! Thanks!

    Thomas wrote on March 28th, 2013
  37. I am most excited about the Primal Pregnancy! I am pregnant and have struggled with what to eat and what cravings to succumb to. I also want to be able to maintain hormone levels for fertility and then into perimenopause.

    Janine wrote on March 28th, 2013
  38. The book I’m most excited about is Perfect Balance. I am over two years into my Primal journey and I’m still dealing with my relationship with food. I lost over 40 pounds with the initial change over the course of the first year, but have been maintaining ever since with about another 40 to go… I know I’m stuck due to my own attitudes and issues holding me back. I go back and forth between being thrilled with how far I’ve come and the other health improvements I’ve seen to being frustrated and annoyed with myself for not moving forward. I think this book could be extremely helpful to me.

    As for a book idea, I think one about how to productively engage loved ones and inspire change in others. I think that’s the hardest part of this lifestyle. Knowing that this info could drastically help others and feeling powerless to help. Pushing it is counterproductive so quietly modeling is the only route I know. Just passively sharing info on Facebook HAS gotten a few people I know interested, but not those closest to me. I know better than to try and actively fix or change anybody else, but would like some ideas on how to maybe help those who DO seem interested. Shooting them links to your site and books is all I really can do at this point. I’d like to do more…

    Amelia wrote on March 28th, 2013
  39. Hi, really looking forward to Primal Cravings because I love the idea of healthy indulgences! Would love to see a book with foods for kids! Especially with snacks that do not include nutes – my son is allergic to walnuts so snacks like the nuts bars are out. I’m running out of snack food ideas.

    Mary Ellen wrote on March 28th, 2013
  40. First off I’d like to say that I think it’s great that you’re creating a publishing opportunity focused on primal living. It brings a level of credibility to the table that I feel will help this lifestyle to be taken with a better level of appreciation.

    As far as books go, I am really looking forward to Paleo Primire. I am a continuing education instructor and I am always looking for was to introduce somebody to something new. The book looks like it could be part of a new community class.

    Any projects that focus on diseses or helping youth need to be created. The Hidden Plauge is a perfect example of what I am talking about. I would like to see books geared toward teens, where so much of the habits for food consumption become selective and based on poor or no information.

    Phillip Williams wrote on March 28th, 2013

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