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27 Mar

10 New Primal Blueprint Books (Plus a Prize Package Giveaway)

Primal Blueprint Books

As I mentioned back in my New Year’s postPrimal Blueprint Publishing has launched, and my team and I are on a mission to change lives, one book at a time!

Last month, we released Mira and Jayson Calton’s Rich Food, Poor Food, and early reader feedback has been incredibly positive. With ten more books either nearing release or in development and with many of you emailing me asking for details, I thought I’d take a moment to share with you what I have in the pipeline. Whether you’re just starting or are a Primal veteran, I think there’s something here for everyone.

Prize Package Giveaway

I’d love to hear what you think. In the comment board below, let me know which of the ten books below you’re most excited about and why, and tell me your idea(s) for a book you think Primal Blueprint Publishing needs to publish. Do those two things and you’ll be entered to win all eight Primal Blueprint books pictured to the right. The lucky winner will be chosen at random. This contest ends at 11:59 pm, Thursday, Mar. 28. Many thanks to everyone that shares their thoughts and, in so doing, helps me make better books for you.

First up, a look at the books with 2013 release dates:

The Hidden Plague, by Tara Grant. This book is for sufferers of Hidradenitis supprativa, a painful skin condition that is poorly understood by the mainstream medical community and strongly associated with the Standard American Diet. Tara suffered for decades before taking matters into her own hands, modifying her diet, and curing herself. There are an estimated 12 million sufferers of this condition in the USA, with many of them unaware of their condition. Tara provides a field guide to managing and overcoming this disease using evolutionary health principles.

Primal Cravings, by Megan and Brandon Keatley. Well the title says it all here! Welcome back all the comfort foods that you’ve disciplined yourself to avoid in pursuit of Primal/paleo dietary principles. This creative, beautifully photographed book is the work of Brandon and Megan Keatley, Crossfit trainers in South Carolina who have dabbled and experimented and reclaimed some of the most indulgent foods you can imagine as Primal/paleo approved! See for yourself, starting with the delicious burger on the cover!

Paleo Primer. This book from the British couple Keris Marsden and Matt Whitmore sets forth the Primal/paleo living principles in a fun, simple manner, making it a great book to introduce newcomers to the movement. It’s filled with creative and delicious recipes, and memorable, humorous cartoons that capture the essence of Primal/paleo living at a glance.

Upcoming Projects

Here’s a look at some exciting projects in development for 2014 release:

Death by Food Pyramid, by Denise Minger. Denise has done numerous guests posts on MDA (Will Eating Whole Grains Help You Live Longer?, Will Eating Red Meat Kill You?), and has her own avid following at her Raw Food SOS blog. Denise has been hard at work for a great many months now on an exquisitely researched expose on how “Shoddy Science, Sketchy Politics, and Shady Special Interest Groups Have Conspired to Ruin the Health of America”,  and what you can do to avoid succumbing to such bad influences. She absolutely skewers the bestseller The China Study for their flawed data collection and distorted conclusions, and generally goes to great lengths to set the record straight about the flawed conventional wisdom we have been fed our entire lives.

The South Asian Solution, by Dr. Ronesh Sinha. Dr. Ron, an internal medicine specialist in Los Altos, CA, is doing some great stuff in the Bay Area, treating high risk South Asian patients and Silicon Valley employees with unique solutions that respect the evolutionary health model. South Asians, who are mostly Asian Indians, are one of the most insulin resistant ethnic groups on the planet, with rampant diabetes and early heart disease. His approach has successfully engaged and motivated South Asians to improve their health and reduce their risk while still respecting their cultural lifestyle preferences.

Primal Pregnancy, by Michele Blackwell, MD: This respected Ob/Gyn from Webster, Texas provides a detailed manual for a healthy and successfully pregnancy and childbirth, with a focus on integrating modern medical advice while still adhering to Primal living principles. Dr. Michele will cover a wide range of topics, including fertility, successful conception, all the trimesters, a healthy birth, nursing, and recovering your old self by the time the little one’s first steps are taken.

The Primal Prescription. In this hard-hitting expose on America’s dysfunctional health care system, Dr. Doug McGuff, fitness author and emergency physician from Seneca, South Carolina details how we came to spend over 7 trillion dollars per year on health care, yet rank 49th world wide for health outcomes and life expectancy. Dr. McGuff uses the concept of “signal disruption” to demonstrate how top-down controls have created an unholy alliance between the Government, Big Pharma, Big Agra, and Medical providers to create the ultimate “sick care system”. You will see how government intervention allows Big Agra to create the diseases that Big Pharma produces drugs for, so that doctors can “manage” your illness, so that you can stay just well enough to remain addicted to what made you sick in the first place. Having detailed the road to health care serfdom, Doug will show you the way out. By focusing on yourself and applying Primal lifestyle, dietary and exercise principles you will learn how to extract yourself from the belly of the beast, and enjoy the vibrant health that is your birthright.

Primal Woman, by Carrie Sisson. As I hinted at in a recent post, Carrie is shaping a story that touches on subjects of her particular interest and expertise: aging gracefully, dealing with empty nest syndrome, sorting through misinformation about menopause and hormones that women are subjected to, and fine-tuning the Primal living style from a female perspective. Carrie has a degree in Spiritual Psychology and injects a mystical, spiritual element to some of the everyday topics at hand. I can’t wait to read this! (Nope, I’m not even allowed a peek just yet…).

Perfect Balance, a Primal Approach to Overcoming Negativity with Food, Dieting, and Body Image, by Emily Deans, MD. Dr. Deans is a Massachusetts psychiatrist who explores the causes behind out modern obsession with and, for many, dysfunctional relationship with food. By hormonally, psychologically, and metabolically disengaging from processed food dependency, those who struggle with food issues have a better chance to heal from the psychological factors that contribute to their condition. Perfect Balance helps the reader eat and enjoy great, wholesome, natural foods without trending into a neurotic need to adhere to a Primal or paleo-style diet.

Primal Endurance, by Mark Sisson. Yep, I’m going back to my roots, this time to tell enthusiasts who insist on pursuing extreme endurance goals how to do it right! First and foremost is how to “go long” in training and racing without being a carb addict. Yep, it’s possible to be a high-functioning endurance machine when you become truly fat and keto-adapted. This refreshing concept is raising interest in the staid endurance community, as folks like Ben Greenfield, Dr.’s Phinney and Volek in The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance, and even the world’s foremost endurance exercise physiologist, Dr. Timothy Noakes of South Africa, are out on the cutting edge spreading the word.

Primal Blueprint Publishing

Author Services

I’ve partnered with my old friend Matthew Bennett to provide support to both aspiring authors who want to bring their dream and their story to life, as well as authors who have their manuscript and want to market and sell it effectively. Matthew is a respected coach and lecturer for authors, and a master of creative marketing methods that identify niche volume buyers for your work. Matthew and I are in development with author support products right now, but we want to hear from you in order to present the services and materials that are of most interest. If you are an aspiring author, or have a manuscript that you wish to sell and promote, please take some time to complete the comment form at this Author Services link.


My team and I are always on the lookout for detailed book proposals or completed manuscripts that promote well being from an evolutionary health perspective. Visit this page for details on how to engage with us about your masterpiece.

Don’t Forget to Share Your Thoughts Below for a Chance to Win a Primal Blueprint Book Prize Package (See Details Above)

You want comments? We got comments:

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  1. Primal Prescription with Primal Cravings & Death by Food Pyramid as close “seconds.”

    Why? For self-preservation, of course! :-)

    Kate wrote on March 27th, 2013
  2. Mark – Would love to see a book from Movnat and their training/diet approach as it appears to be an ideal compliment to the Primal Blueprint. In fact, I’d suggest Grok could probably do the preface. ;o)

    And going back to my days as a runner, looking forward to Primal Endurance. Maybe you could add Maffetone as a co-contributor…after learning of his approach through athletes like Mark Allen and Mike Pigg, my days of carb loading and hammering the runs was a thing of the past. (But, also interested in Dr. McGuff’s training ideas…his videos are always extremely educational.)

    Parker Reed wrote on March 27th, 2013
  3. As an older woman (70), I’ve become increasingly interested in what can help keep me healthy and fully functional: strong, fully mobile, pain free and actively interested in life. That’s been primal food (I dropped the wheat and dropped 15 #), and CrossFit (yes, at 70). There’s a growing body of information for younger folks, but I often feel that I’m navigating uncharted waters alone in seeking to stay fit and healthy, since the docs don’t seem to be tuned into the problems that SAD creates. I recommend Mark’s Daily Apple and Primal Blueprint where I can. It’s cool to see a plan for more good information on living well by living primal!


    Mariann (Sam) Jelinek wrote on March 27th, 2013
  4. I’d love to see a whole book that just focuses on the athletic side – I’m way focused on the lifting heavy things right now, but without my gym partner, I’d be lost! Is there a book full of primal exercises and fitness tips with the food more incidental? I’ve already got the idea there.

    Jack Weber wrote on March 27th, 2013
  5. Perfect Balance! Death be Food Pyramid is a close second though. It would be difficult if I had to choose just one but I expect to get each of them when they are released for purchase!

    Bevie wrote on March 27th, 2013
  6. Perfect Balance sounds like the one for me! It sounds like the kind of info I need to better adapt & stick with the primal lifestyle that I want to be living.

    Primal Cravings is a close second, though.
    All are great looking reads :)

    heidi burke wrote on March 27th, 2013
  7. Perfect balance looks very interesting. I was lucky to meet Emily Deans at the first AHS. Her ideas about mental health and Paleo were very helpful

    Dennis wrote on March 27th, 2013
  8. I’m most interested in reading Primal Woman. I’m getting up into the age where hormones are having their way with me and I feel out of control at times. I’m hoping this book will help.

    I would love to read more about getting children into primal living – how to make foods more interesting to them, incorporating workouts, etc.

    Lorie wrote on March 27th, 2013
  9. Death by food pyramid is the one that I am most interested in. Our own government is making us unhealthy.

    I would love to see a book about about the spiritual side. To me a primative hunter needs to be spiratual. And ways to use all the animal that a hunter killed. I think that one looks at an animal different if they hunted the animal and has more respect about the kill and the resources.

    Sully wrote on March 27th, 2013
  10. God bless you Mark and Carrie too and your whole lovely family…!!! You make such a positive difference in thousands of people’s lives…!!!
    I’m most looking forward to “Primal Woman” by Carrie and would love it if she would be able to push it forward a bit…!!!
    As a primal woman in her fifties myself, l am most interested to here the goddess herself…!!!
    Please don’t enter me in the draw as I already have all 8 of your books and the Calton’s book as well.
    Nothing in all of my health and wellness reading in the last 2 years has made more of an impact than everything you have written, Mark. You are my trusted resource for all…!!!
    Again, God bless and keep you well….
    Best, Nelly

    Nelly wrote on March 27th, 2013
  11. I have to go with Primal Cravings although Primal Endurance sounds interesting. I have’t convinced my husband to go completely primal and it would be nice to try some of the recipes on him (and myself as well). As for Primal Endurance, I have been involved with Team in Training for 9 years and would love to share any insight that the book would provide.

    Nancy wrote on March 27th, 2013
  12. Wow! I would love to have all of these books for a whole primal collection. Share them out to friends and family and give them the benefit of having a new life ahead of them. I would most likely like to have the Primal Woman one for my wife so she could understand a whole lot more. All these books would be just a primal onslaught of information! WOOT!

    Eric wrote on March 27th, 2013
  13. I’m just beginning my primal journey, and that stack of books are all ones that should find and read ASAP. Among the upcoming books, the 3 I’d most like to read are Primal Cravings, because I don’t know yet what I will be craving a bit further into this journey; The Paleo Primer seems to me to be a “must read” for someone just starting out. But it’s Primal Woman that is the most interesting title to me because, just like Ms. Sisson, I’m an “empty-nester” trying to deal with those emotions while at the same time re-directing me and my husband toward better eating habits with our best possible health as the goal. I need these books…all of them…to help me! :)

    Linda wrote on March 27th, 2013
  14. Dear primal sisters and brothers,

    I am by far most excited for Primal Endurance! As a competitive rower I have been told the rule of thumb for anyone interested in sculling at an elite level must get in 3000 miles before your first race, and subsequently 3000 miles ever year. Clearly 10 miles a day for 300 days seems like the definition of chronic and needless to say that most athlete’s have an elevated pulse rate during trainning making it cardio. Put it all together and I would be breaking a cardinal rule of the blueprint if I pursued my athletic goals. I have the utmost respect for endurance athletes and while I know Mark was a runner, I’m sure the lessons he learned can be applicable to rowing as well! That is why I look forward to seeing how to live a Primal Endurace lifestyle… Grok on everyone!

    Murdock wrote on March 27th, 2013
  15. Anything and everything that steers away from corporate interests to becoming interested in ourselves is a winner for me!

    Susan Ghoston wrote on March 27th, 2013
  16. Looking forward to the Perfect Balance.

    Joey wrote on March 27th, 2013
  17. I would really like to read the Primal Pregnancy Book. I would love to see a book written specifically about raising girls in the primal lifestyle with positive body images.

    Tera wrote on March 27th, 2013
  18. Perfect Balance sounds good. There is so much information (and misinformation!) out there that it can make you crazy!

    Lexi wrote on March 27th, 2013
  19. I’m most looking forward to Primal Cravings. It would really help convince my extended family to change their diet if they have some recipes for “comfort” foods.
    I would love to see a book about herbal medicines and essential oils in the primal lifestyle. Thanks for the opportunity to win these great books!

    Beth M wrote on March 27th, 2013
  20. Mark — I think the primal way of life is great but how do we teach and educate our kids… so my idea is Primal Kids. An approach as children reach toddler age to eat, exercise and address their early images. Cool, huh?

    Brian Cook wrote on March 27th, 2013
  21. I’m most interested in Paleo Primer mostly for the recipes.

    The book I would like to see is one that discusses all the vitamins and minerals we need to remain healthy. I would like to know, all in one place, how much of each we should be getting and the foods we should eat to reach these goals.

    Sue wrote on March 27th, 2013
  22. Very interested in Carrie Sisson’s book as I believe there’s a powerful spiritual force behind the desire to be strong and fit. It’s your self, your soul, as well as your body, at stake. Health supports the self.There’s a spiritual reason for avoiding harmful drugs and foods… would you consume them if you knew that your body, and all the natural world, are sacred? And if you have a spiritual mission in the world, then isn’t there a concomitant duty to understand our marvelous metabolic machinery.
    Very interested also in “Death by Food Pyramid”. Always like to review hard data to see if I’ve missed important nuances.
    Would also like to see a book on hard-to-find or suppressed health data, eg the behind-the-scenes research on resveratrol represented by Longevinex, the full story on GMO foods (including the French long-term studies), the worldwide traditional mushroom lore, maybe a review of the old-time Egar Cayce insights on food and health, or a review of traditional tonics made from herbs in Europe, eg Fernet Branca or spring tonics. In other words, the suppressed or forgotten wisdom. (The burned-at-the-stake witches were often herbalists.)

    maidel wrote on March 27th, 2013
  23. Primal Balance strikes a chord with me. I know what I should eat – and at least in general – enjoy those foods best. That doesn’t stop me, at times, eating when I don’t need it at all – and at those times whatever is at hand.

    Many of the other titles, existing and planned, provide me with the facts I need. Unfortunately until I get my head straight on eating I’m never going to achieve my goals.

    Alan wrote on March 27th, 2013
  24. I’d love to read Primal Pregnancy, wish it was out already…

    For new projects Primal Children would definitely spark my interest

    Joy wrote on March 27th, 2013
  25. Definitely look forward to The Primal Prescription. Our nation’s overall health is embarrassing! Yet we are a cocky bunch. I’d love to see a healthier cocky bunch of Americans. :)

    Erin wrote on March 27th, 2013
  26. I’m very interested in The Primal Prescription and Primal Woman (I have an MA in Integral Psychology myself!).

    RadiantRachel wrote on March 27th, 2013
  27. Primal Cravings is the one I am most interested in because I think it would help me to eat Primal without craving the bad stuff so much. I would like to see a book that provides cheap and easy recipes that would help people with lower incomes eat primal without breaking their limited budgets.

    John wrote on March 27th, 2013
  28. I’m most interested in the Primal Woman book, although the Primal Prescription also sounds interesting.

    For future books – can never have too many cookbooks, additional baking ones would be good. I’ve also recently read a book on the ethics of meat eating which would be interesting to recast from the primal perspective and lighten it up – was very heavy reading!

    Suzanne wrote on March 27th, 2013
  29. I would be interested to read both the Balance and Endurance books. I know I have a dysfunctional relationship with food, which I have only overcome (not really) by overtraining for marathons.
    Perhaps another good book would be something more about life balance, how to manage expectations in this very competitive world, while living the primal lifestyle of unplugging, and taking time to eat and move more healthfully.

    RedG wrote on March 27th, 2013
  30. What? you mean we have to pick one? I am an overweight mother of 2 teenagers, and a nurse. I started my primal journey two months and 27 pounds ago (with still a long way to go) Of course for ME, I’m very interested in Primal Woman and primal prescription. My teens are amazing athletes and have been very supportive and are embracing the primal lifestyle along with me, but they are both distance runners, so of course Primal Endurance is also of great interest to us. so excited for all of these to become available!

    Amy wrote on March 27th, 2013
  31. The Primal Prescription is the book I think will help with a general sense yet descriptive view of how we got to this point in health via diet and lifestyle.

    A book I would like to see published is an idea that I have that I believe will greatly benefit from this sort of lifestyle. More to come soon?

    I am excited for all of these books however!

    Danny wrote on March 27th, 2013
  32. Oh man. The Primal Prescription is my kind of book. I am almost finished with law school and intend to ultimately work in health care law (preferably to attempt to fix this “sick care system”). So because I am also a believer in the primal lifestyle, I am really excited to read this book.

    I have seen some requests for Primal books for teenagers. I think that is a good idea, but I have a one-year-old, so I would like something for young children. Specifically, I would like to see something written about the food plans in our schools and how they are wreaking havoc on our children’s health. Granted, I know they are attempting to rid school campuses of soda, but that is a futile attempt at ensuring the health of our youth. The children (and their parents) need to be educated about proper nutrition and diet. If kids want to drink soda, they will drink soda, especially if their parents allow them to do so.

    Those parents and their children have the right to do what they please, as detrimental as it may be, as long as it doesn’t affect the rights of others to not eat that crap. My daughter is in day care, and their meal plan is atrocious. They have grains and processed crap in everything. My wife and I end up supplying our daughter’s lunch daily. To make matters worse, one of the head teachers in her group occasionally scoffs at the food we bring. I suppose that those accustomed to the SAD will resist change in any way they can.

    Joe wrote on March 27th, 2013
  33. As someone who has struggled with body image and an eating disorder for 17 years, I’m looking forward to Primal Balance. While I’ve come a long way, every day is an uphill battle but I’m determined to win the war.

    I think a primal book for kids would be great. My little one loved How to Eat Like a Dinosaur and the more she is exposed to other kids eating this way, the more willing she is to try it.

    Jessica wrote on March 27th, 2013
  34. I am looking forward to Primal Cravings! I think it would help expand my cooking knowledge as I tend to get into a rut.

    I would be interested in a book that explores more about how dairy fits into the primal diet and why some have problems with it- I suspect that I do, as I find my weight tends to creep up when I eat dairy.

    Karen W. wrote on March 27th, 2013
  35. The book I look most forward to is “Perfect Balance” because I have personally struggled with a healthy relationship with food, bordering on obsessive.
    I think an excellent book idea would have to be a book of prime sources to accompany the Blue Print

    Anastassia wrote on March 27th, 2013
  36. I’m torn between Primal Endurance and The Hidden Plague. With the former, I’ve never been an endurance athlete (mostly soccer and wrestling for me), so knowing how to do it right, without hurting my body and overtraining (which I’m like to do) is appealing. If I could do endurance without having to endure enduring pain (and injury), well, I’d do more endurance efforts ;). The Hidden Plague, though, sounds awesome. I love tightly centered books that go deep into a specific topic. I frequently find I get a broader understanding of a topic at large by going into detail into a very specific aspect of it. Hopefully its written in a way that walks that fine line between too-technical and too-broad.
    I’d love to see more books like that in the future, that explore particular diseases that maybe people don’t even realize ‘are’ diseases, and preventable through diet or behavioral changes.

    Jacob Primeaux wrote on March 27th, 2013
  37. I’d love to read Primal Woman- actually I’d like to read them all. I’d also like to see a book specifically for women who are approaching and/or going through menopause. Such a unique time of life that it would be nice to have a primal guide to what the heck is going on!

    Beth wrote on March 27th, 2013
  38. What about Primal Kids?
    You wanna achieve succes – get them started when they are young. make it the way they are before they have the time to develop bad habits.
    Im thinking a book in their style to teach them as well as kid food thats fun. You could have a great time just doing illustrations for this one. have fun.

    Carl wrote on March 27th, 2013
  39. The book I’m most looking forward to is “Perfect Balance.” I work as a pastry chef so it isn’t all that possible for me to get away from a lot of non-primal foods (though I am working on it!). I know I’ve got a dysfunctional relationship with food and I know how certain foods effect me but I eat them anyway. It’d be nice to have a book to reference when I need that extra boost to stay primal!

    A book that I’d love to see? A cookbook for those of us who are trying to go with the autoimmune protocol. I’ve been able to figure out what foods effect me and how so I can avoid them but eating really similar things everyday or having to do tons and tons and tons of research to find a recipe I want to try just doesn’t cut it.

    Cara wrote on March 27th, 2013
  40. As someone who attempted veganism after reading The China Study, has since found my way to paleo, and also as someone who works in the school system, I am interested in Death by Food Pyramid! I can’t get enough nutrition/paleo books!!

    Alisha wrote on March 27th, 2013

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