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27 Nov

1 Couple, 4 Months, 90 Pounds and Newfound Health

These Primal Blueprint success stories seem to have become a regular feature on Mark’s Daily Apple in recent weeks. I love to hear from readers and I’m more than happy to publish these stories as long as they keep coming in. I know that every MDA reader out there has their own health story. If you’d like to take a moment and tell me yours shoot me an email here and I’ll respond ASAP. Thanks everyone and have a great Friday!

Dear Mark,

In March of 2010, I went to my sister’s wedding, and had a great time. When I got home, I saw the pictures and was horrified. Over the past five years, I had put on a lot of weight, and I was at the heaviest I had ever been. I wanted to do something about it, but I felt like I failed at every diet I tried.

I was feeling pretty hopeless, but my father had recently started living the Primal Blueprint lifestyle (and lost 50 pounds). He kept telling me about it, but I never listened. I am in nursing school, and I knew that what he was saying flew in the face of conventional wisdom. He finally convinced me to read The Primal Blueprint, and I did hoping to find evidence that it was wrong. After every chapter, I was convinced more and more that this was RIGHT. March 26, I threw away all of the junk in my fridge and cupboards and our family devoted ourselves to living Primal.

We got our own chickens to raise for eggs, we joined a community garden for the organic produce, and we cut out ALL processed foods. For the first 30 days, I decided to not even have one bite of sugar or sweeteners. Not even gum. It was a hard 30 days, but I felt SO good when I was done, and I had already lost a lot of weight!

Since then, my husband and I have really started working out again. As a teenager, my father had a martial arts gym, so I was very fit and taught martial arts classes almost nightly. I hadn’t practiced martial arts in years, but now that I am Primal, I feel confident enough to practice again. I have been teaching kick boxing at a local gym and will be starting a kids martial arts class next month. I also ran my first 5K this weekend! It feels so great to finally be in shape enough to play how I want to play.

My husband also feels better than ever, and our two children (ages 5 and 2) have adapted beautifully to our new diet. They especially love their daily hard boiled eggs. I feel more confident, more alive, and I finally feel young again. I am only 26, but while overweight, people always mistook me for being in my late 30s. Now I have people tell me they thought I was younger than 26!

I was worried when I started this diet that it would mess with my blood lipids. My results (about 4 months into it):

Total Cholesterol before: 181
Total Cholesterol after 4 months of Primal: 145

Triglycerides before: 106
Triglycerides after: 53

HDL (good) Cholesterol before: 43
HDL (good) Cholesterol after: 45

VLDL Cholesterol before: 21
VLDL Cholesterol after: 11

LDL (bad) Cholesterol before: 117
LDL (bad) Cholesterol after: 89

In addition to this great blood work, I have lost 50 pounds, and my husband has lost 40. I can’t wait to see what this year will bring. I look forward to playing more than ever and enjoying my newfound health! Thank you so much!


Sonia Yaksich

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