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18 Sep

Walking: The Human Condition

walkWhen early humans stood erect over the African savannah, our improved vantage point gave more than views of prey and predator, berry bush and honeybee hive, nut tree and watering hole; we saw possibilities. We saw the horizon stretching out until what appeared to be infinity. We saw sunsets and sunrises, mountains and valleys, stars and constellations and galaxies. The world grew. And we viewed this massive world with a childlike curiosity that made just looking insufficient. We had to touch, visit, and experience  it.

So we walked.

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17 Sep

A Brief History of the Primal Movement

mymosaic3 1It’s relatively easy being Primal nowadays. Most restaurants have dairy-free, gluten-free options, if not entire menus devoted to Primal-friendly restrictions. Actual paleo restaurants and food trucks literally exist. Minimalist shoes are everywhere. Standing desks are standard at many corporations, a farmer’s market lurks around every corner, regular grocery stores carry grass-fed beef and butter, and Whole Foods has a paleo hot bar. Comment sections of mainstream nutrition articles are overrun with Primal supporters dropping knowledge. And in 2013, “Paleo diet” was the most searched-for diet in Google. But it wasn’t always like this. If you weren’t around for the hard scrabble days of yore, you probably don’t realize what we endured. I’m talking about the days when:

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16 Sep

UPDATE: Mark’s Daily Apple Articles Coming to the Primal Blueprint Podcast

primal blueprint podcast600 2At the request of numerous Mark’s Daily Apple readers, my podcast team and I are now bringing Mark’s Daily Apple articles to the Primal Blueprint Podcast!

Select articles from Mark’s Daily Apple will be published in audio format, so if you prefer listening to reading, or simply have a difficult time keeping up with the daily articles, you’re in luck. Now you can listen to articles while on the go and never miss a beat.

To start, we’re going to record and publish all future, relevant Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday articles. In fact, we’ve already begun doing this. The following articles from last week are available right now. You can click the links below to access them.

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15 Sep

Dear Mark: Wife’s Weight Gain; Upper Arm Fat

scale3For today’s edition of Dear Mark, we’ve got a two-parter. First up is a question from a reader whose wife has gained weight following the Primal Blueprint way of eating and after completing a Whole30. She seems to be doing everything right, in other words. What could explain the weight gain? Next, I discuss what can be done – if anything – about upper arm fat. It might be hereditary, but that doesn’t mean we’re totally at the mercy of our genes. And even if we are, we can change how we react.

Let’s go:

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14 Sep

Weekend Link Love – Edition 313

weekend link love2Paleo Lifestyle Magazine is running a fantastic giveaway. Enter the Ultimate Paleo Kitchen giveaway for your chance to win $300 worth of kitchen gear and cookbooks.

Research of the Week

A five minute walking break (2 MPH) undoes the harmful effect an hour of sitting has on your arterial function. That’s doable.

A history of farming rice appears to make people more interdependent, while a history of farming wheat appears to make them more independent.

Neanderthals made engravings in stone serving no utilitarian purpose (also known as art), indicating a capacity for abstract thought.

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