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12 Oct

Dear Mark: Healing Broken Bones, and Blended Soups

For today’s edition of Dear Mark, I’m answer two questions. First, is there a way to speed up the healing process after a broken bone? What nutrients should we make sure to consume? Are there supplements we can take, foods we can eat, lifestyle modifications we can make? The next question comes from a reader trying to nurse his grandfather back to health after a bad stroke. Grandpa’s still in the hospital and can only eat through a straw. Are there better options than the tasteless slop, butterscotch pudding, and bad ice cream he’s currently receiving?

Let’s find out:

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11 Oct

Weekend Link Love – Edition 369

Weekend Link Love

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Research of the Week

Certain gut bacteria appear to protect kids against asthma.

Bullied teens should exercise.

Washing dishes promotes mindfulness.

The true “polypill” is exercise.

Sorry, vegans: meat, dairy, fish, and shellfish remain the only significant sources of B12 in the human diet.

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10 Oct

Primal Baked Pasta

Baked Pasta 2All the comfort and flavor of baked pasta, without the carbs or gooey cheese? Sign me up! This recipe for Primal baked “pasta” uses a favorite noodle substitute, celery root, as a stand-in for the texture of penne pasta. Italian sausage, mushrooms and marinara fill out the dish, along with a sprinkle of Parmigiano-Reggiano on top.

The marinara sauce is homemade and it’s a keeper, for its perfect simplicity and rich flavor. It’s a sauce that can be used for all your pasta-like dishes, from zucchini noodles to spaghetti squash.

This recipe uses canned, whole tomatoes because they have a more consistently intense flavor than fresh tomatoes do as the seasons change. Canned whole tomatoes also tend to taste better than diced/chopped or pureed canned tomatoes. Unfortunately, they’re harder to find in BPA-free packaging, but not impossible. If you can’t find BPA-free whole tomatoes, then use a good brand of BPA-free chopped tomatoes instead.

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9 Oct

Holistic Medicine Meets Primal Principles

real_life_stories_stories-1-2Hey, folks! It’s Friday once again, and that usually means it’s time for one of your amazing success stories. But something remarkable has been going on here at Mark’s Daily Apple that gave me an idea. Over the last year, there’s been a core group of people that our worker bees at MDA have gotten to know exceptionally well—a group of people that have gone above and beyond in their involvement in all things primal. I’m talking about the students in our Primal Blueprint Expert Certification program. Many of them have taken the knowledge from the program and inserted it directly into their personal and professional lives in ways we couldn’t have imagined. So I thought it’d be a great tradition to occasionally highlight some of their accomplishments—to share some of the ways they’re helping bring primal principles mainstream through their acts of passion.

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8 Oct

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Joining the Status Quo

The other day it occurred to me that we’re coming up on 10 years with this blog. In 2006, I started publishing (what were then) wacky, newfangled ideas about how people should go barefoot (or wear Vibrams), eat more animal fat, slash carbs and eschew grains altogether, avoid (most) vegetable oils, stand up while they work, expose themselves to cold, get off the chronic cardio wagon and climb trees or sprint down their streets like 9-year-olds. Finally, there was the proverbial (and ironic) icing on the cake of suggesting people ask what would Grok do—that now illustrious posterman for all things evolutionary. Ten years ago many of these ideas were still viewed as strange or even flat out wrong.

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