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26 May

Introducing The Primal Endurance Podcast!

PrimalEndurance_Podcast_r9_600Back in November of 2013, we published our first Primal Blueprint Podcast, and have since published a total of 69 weekly feature-length episodes, along with over 100 audio recordings of Mark’s Daily Apple articles. Check out each of the feature-length shows here at the Archives. We started this venture on a whim, noticing that podcasting was becoming pretty popular. Since then, podcasts have become one of the most prominent emerging media forms in our high tech world, and the Primal Blueprint Podcast and the Mark’s Daily Apple audio narrations have become a major element of our publishing efforts.

Articles abound about the amazing podcast advertising power of reaching a niche audience, the convenience of getting podcasts on demand through mobile devices, and the increasing ability of the consumer to completely customize their informational and entertainment experience. It’s seriously cool stuff, especially in comparison to the recent past when our mornings were commandeered by over-the-top radio deejays (different one in every city, except they weren’t that different…) serving up low brow fodder and tons of annoying commercials.

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25 May

Dear Mark: Your Milk Questions Answered

For today’s Dear Mark, I’m responding to as many of the questions and concerns relayed in the comment section of last week’s raw milk post. You guys had a lot of them, ranging from whether raw milk can help with eczema and adult asthma, if homogenization is dangerous, why raw milk might taste and smell fishy, to how many people get sick from pasteurized milk. I also respond to reports of raw milk not being a panacea for immune health, and even an active impediment to it.

Lots of ground is covered today, so let’s get right to it.

Here we go:

Is homogenization dangerous?

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25 May

Get a 5-Year Supply of Primal Kitchen™ Mayo for FREE

mayo-3pack-400_1How would you like to a win a 5-year supply of Primal Kitchen™ Mayo? You have the opportunity to do just that today…but more on that in a moment. This is just one of several special offers I have in store for Mark’s Daily Apple readers in coming weeks (lots of chances to win!).

I know almost all of you are aware by now, most of you probably even have a jar or three in your fridge as I type this, but for those of you who’ve been living under a rock, Primal Kitchen Mayo—the first ever paleo/Primal mayonnaise using avocado oil instead of nasty industrial oils—was released a few months ago.

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24 May

Weekend Link Love – Edition 349

Weekend Link LoveSweepstakes of the Week: Enter to win a 5-year supply of Primal Kitchen™ Mayo

Tomorrow’s your last chance to get the Autoimmune Wellness Bundle: more than 40 premier autoimmune resources, a $500+ value, for just $39.

If any Primal Blueprint Podcast listeners would be so kind, please fill out this survey when you have a chance. Thanks!

Research of the Week

Researchers just found stone tools from 3.3 million years ago, pushing hominid technology back 700,000 years.

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23 May

Portobella Chorizo Burgers

FullSizeRender-4This is a guest post by Emily Schromm, of

Good morning, world! Emily Schromm here. My philosophy is this: there is an inner superhero in us all, and it’s OUR duty to UNLEASH it. I am from Denver, Colorado, unleashing my own superhero by way of lifting heavy things, eating bacon, and training clients all around the world. Formerly on some reality television shows and also recently named Women’s Health Magazine’s Next Fitness Star, you better believe it took some good gut-healing food and lots of lifting for me to feel the confidence I feel today. Now, by way of that good food and online training, it’s my calling to help all I can in feeling that same confidence.

I want to share one of my favorite recipes with you guys. This recipe is simple and wonderful for two reasons: it not only impresses everyone you make it for with little to no effort on your part, it makes the BEST breakfast casserole the next day.

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